Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

What is the first tool that comes to mind when you want to design something? I’m sure it’s Photoshop. But what if you’re not good at it? Well, you don’t always have to use such heavy tools. There are crazier ways to innovate. And, I’ve found one of the craziest tricks with Microsoft Excel.

Take another look at the images above. Can you believe they were created using MS Excel? You should, because we’re going to show you how to use MS Excel charts to create similar designs.

Note: We used MS Excel 2013 to illustrate the steps. If you have a different version of the software, the navigation options may vary slightly. However, the process remains the same.

But first, put on your thinking hat. We’re diving into a creative process here, so just following the steps won’t be enough. It’s all about design in the end.

You need to play with numbers and sequences. For our example, I filled three columns randomly. Take a look at the series below.

I ran the series to about 140-200 rows (the more you add, the thinner the spikes become). Once you have filled your series, follow these steps:

Step 1: Block the data set by selecting all the rows and columns that contain your series or sequences.

Step 2: Go to Insert -> Charts -> Radar -> Filled Radar. Refer to the image below.

Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

When you select an option, a chart will appear.

Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Step 3: Click on the values on the chart and start removing them one by one. Use the Delete key to remove them after selecting them.

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Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Review the text and eliminate redundant words or phrases to make it more concise and impactful:

“After removing useless pieces, you will see a clear chart like in the image below. Looks good, right?

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the result, take a screenshot, crop the image, and save it. If not, go to the Design tab and select from available designs. My selection gave my design a smoother texture.”

Create Amazing Designs Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Still not satisfied? Play with effects, fill, color, and line options to improve the look and feel of your shape.

Few Points to Remember

The numbers must form a repetitive series. The number of spikes will be equal to the number of times you repeat your series. The more rows you do, the sleeker the pattern gets. I took three series in three columns. Increase that and you might see better results.


When I discovered this trick, I was amazed. I’m certain you’ll feel the same when you try it. Consider all types of numbers, both fractional and whole. Also, think about irrelevant sequences. Explore as many possibilities as possible. And don’t forget to share the beautiful designs you create. We’d love to see your creativity.

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