Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10

Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10

Microsoft has created two worlds for Windows users: the traditional desktop interface and the Modern Apps introduced with Windows 8. The Modern interface was designed for tablet and touch-enabled users. However, there is no clear distinction between these two worlds, resulting in chaos.

Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10

Somehow users have accepted the changes or found alternatives to make themselves comfortable. One recent change in Windows 10 was the new audio control in the system tray. It only provides a master volume control and requires additional clicks for individual desktop volume control. Additionally, you can’t adjust or mute the volume for Modern Apps.

Therefore, today I will show you how to restore the Windows 7 volume control in the system tray of Windows 10 and regain the ability to selectively control the Modern App menu.

Get Back the Classic Volume Control in Windows 10

The classic volume control in Windows 10 is hidden compared to Windows 7. To make it the default feature, you can download the registry tweak from my cloud account and integrate it with your Windows 10. It’s really easy to do. Download the zip file, extract it, open the folder, and run the “Enable Classic Volume registry” file as admin. That’s it! Now when you click on the volume icon, you’ll see the familiar options and mixer control.

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Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10

If you want to revert back, we have included the registry file for that too in the zipped folder.

Getting Volume Mixer for Modern Windows App

The volume mixer in desktop mode limits access to only desktop applications. To achieve the same functionality for Modern Apps, install the EarTrumpet application on your computer. Download and run the .exe file to install the application. Once installed, a trumpet icon will appear in the system tray, allowing you to control the sound of individual applications for Modern Apps. This application can be used simultaneously with the desktop volume mixer.

Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10

The app is useful when playing a modern game on Windows 10 and listening to songs on the Edge browser. You can lower the game volume and enjoy the song simultaneously. This is just one scenario where it can prove useful.

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