Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

Reliance Jio is the next big thing in the Indian Telecom industry. Even before its public launch, it has become a disruptive force with unlimited 90 days voice calls, text messages, video calling, and high-speed 4G Internet connection without any Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Many people are using a Jio 4G SIM on a dual SIM device or as a hotspot to enjoy unlimited data.

There are a few roadblocks that one might face after the SIM is activated. These can include no network or internet connection on the device. In this article, I will discuss the top 3 issues on the Jio network and their easiest fixes.

1. The Curious Case of Jio Network on Dual SIM Phones

After inserting the SIM into a dual SIM 4G smartphone with no network coverage or showing “For Emergency Calls Only,” the first thing to check is if the SIM is in slot number 1.

Ignore any suggestions from the Customer Care representative to clear app data, reset the device, or replace the SIM.

This is because even though most devices have a 4G dual SIM feature, the second SIM slot can only support 3G/2G networks. Therefore, it’s best to use the first SIM slot for better reliability.

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If the device fails to connect to the network and a manual network search doesn’t display Reliance Jio, check the preferred cellular data SIM.

Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

Make sure the preferred network type is set to Reliance Jio and 4G (LTE). Then, the device can manually search or reboot to get the Jio network.

Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

I’m still unsure of the cause, but I’ve noticed this trend on devices from Asus, Xiaomi, and OnePlus.

2. Fixing the APN Settings

For some users, APN settings are pre-configured or delivered via SMS. However, many people have blank settings. APN settings are crucial for establishing an internet connection.

You can manually set the APN settings by going to Android Settings > Cellular Network > Access Points Names. Tap the plus button to add a new APN and enter “Jio4G” for the Name and “jionet” for the APN. Leave everything else as default and save as the default APN.

Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

Now, with a data connection, the device can connect to the internet.

3. Non-VoLTE Phone? No Problem

Jio is a 4G network and needs a VoLTE phone to make calls directly using the default dialer. However, even if your phone is non-VoLTE, there’s an app to fix that.

Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for ThemCommon Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

JioJoin is an app that allows you to make 4G calls without the VoLTE network. Users can also do video calls and share files if they both have the JioJoin app. However, the app requires multiple permissions like calls, media, and microphone to function. Additionally, it should remain in memory and not be closed by task managers because it needs to stay connected to the Jio network.

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4. The Curious Instance of Jio Chat App Not Working

JioChat, available on Android and iOS, is similar to Hike or WhatsApp. It offers instant messaging, video calls, and voice calls. The Jio KBC Play is an added perk for JioChat users. However, Jio users face issues with the JioChat App, including the ‘network not available’ error.

If the first two failed to resolve your problem, make sure that the app is up to date. Many times an outdated JioChat app fails to load properly and even it does so, it results in mid-play crashes. Apart from that, check the Internet connection. Most of the time, toggling the Mobile data switch in the Quick Settings menu resolves the network connection issue. Did you know that as a JioChat user, you can have both one-to-one and group messaging?

Watch Out for More

These were the top 4 issues that people face. If there are any other issues you are facing or any questions about Reliance Jio 4G, leave a comment and we will be happy to help. Also, don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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