Combine Multiple Bookmarklets, Reduce Browser Toolbar Clutter

Combine Multiple Bookmarklets, Reduce Browser Toolbar Clutter

Bookmarklets are highly practical as they can perform many tasks that regular browser extensions can, and they have the additional benefit of being compatible across all browsers. So, if you want to switch browsers, all you have to do is transfer your bookmarklets and you’re set.

With bookmarklets, you can perform functions such as downloading YouTube videos, copying and pasting data between computers, converting webpages to PDF files, and much more. And you can do all of this without adding any unnecessary bulk to your browser.

Bookmarklets suffer from the same problem as regular bookmarks – they can quickly become a disorganized mess. Although you can create a “bookmarklets” folder to organize them, finding the right one for a specific webpage can be frustrating if you have more than 10. This is where the web app, Bookmarklet Combiner, becomes useful. As the name suggests, it allows you to combine multiple bookmarklets into one super-bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet Combiner features a simple and intuitive interface. In the first section, you can enter the names and URLs of the bookmarklets you want to add. There is no limit to the number of bookmarklets you can add – just click the “Add another” button.

Combine Multiple Bookmarklets, Reduce Browser Toolbar Clutter

You can obtain the URL of any bookmarklet by right-clicking on it and choosing “Copy” (applies to all browsers).

After adding and arranging your bookmarklets, proceed to the next section. Now, the interesting part is that you can configure the super-bookmarklet to either execute all combined bookmarklets upon clicking or simply display a menu of the included bookmarklets anywhere on the screen.

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Lastly, name the super-bookmarklet and drag it to your bookmark bar.

To share this bookmarklet with your friends, click the Save button at the bottom to receive a URL.

Combine Multiple Bookmarklets, Reduce Browser Toolbar Clutter

So How Does It Help?

It demolishes clutter. A super-bookmarklet combines the functionality of fifty bookmarklets to reduce clutter on your browser toolbar.

The ability to run combined bookmarklets together is helpful in certain situations. For example, if you come across an interesting webpage, you can share it with your Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon friends using a single combined bookmarklet. This saves you the trouble of using multiple bookmarklets for each network.

Bookmarklet Combiner is a useful web app for organizing and streamlining your bookmarklet collection. Keep your super-bookmarklets synced so you can use them from any computer and always have a backup. Check out Bookmarklet Combiner for combining and cleaning up your browser toolbar.

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