Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

There are many productivity tools on the internet, but few are as helpful as Clipboard Managers. Used correctly, these tools can save you time by remembering everything you have copied in a clipboard manager and presenting those items when you need them.

Today, we’re comparing Clipboard Master, a versatile tool for Windows with many features, to Ditto, a simple and effective alternative. Let’s see how they stack up.

From the moment you start installing this tool, you realize it’s feature-rich. If you’re unsure at the configuration prompt screen, select “Default” and proceed with the installation.

Luckily, it’s easy to use as it sits quietly in the system tray after installation. It provides quick access to your clipboard history and shows the relevant icons of copied text and/or images. Let’s explore some of the best features.

Store Text, Files, and Pictures in the Clipboard

This clipboard manager is straightforward and user-friendly. Everything you save in the clipboard remains in its memory. You can then utilize the history of copied items to your advantage.

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

Compatible with All Windows Applications

Using Clipboard Master is effortless and seamlessly integrates with any other application. Whether you’re using a basic program like WordPad or a more sophisticated software, this tool is compatible with all of them.

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Extensive List of Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

Found in the settings menu, you have a list of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that you can use. You can select the ones you want and un-check the ones you think aren’t useful to you. You can also customize these keys to your preferences, even though the combos are pre-decided.

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

Clipboard History Saved Between Sessions

Rebooting your computer or exiting the program won’t cause any data loss. Your sessions are automatically saved, so when you return or reopen the program, you’ll have access to the complete history from your previous session, exactly as you left it. Pretty cool, huh?!

The tool not only allows you to copy text but also includes a screenshot feature. This feature can be found in the “Tools” menu on the “Settings” screen. Once enabled, you can take screenshots of highlighted objects or parts of them. This is particularly helpful when creating presentations or blog posts.

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?


Unlike Clipboard Master, the installation process of Ditto is easy. Just like Clipboard Master, this tool sits quietly in the Windows system tray. Clicking on it might underwhelm you, but don’t be fooled – this versatile tool can do a lot.

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

The moment you open the Options menu is when you see Ditto’s true potential. Like Clipboard Master, it provides a complete history of your clipboard activity and allows you to search through it. Duplicate entries are automatically removed, and you can set up a hotkey to activate Ditto. Additionally, you can assign a hotkey to each of the last 10 items in the clipboard. Please Note: Ditto can store up to 999 entries in its clipboard history.

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Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Which One is Better?

Ditto is open-source and can be used as a portable application too.

It’s clear that Clipboard Master is the better choice for a comprehensive universal clipboard tool. However, don’t dismiss Ditto just yet. Personally, I found the abundance of options in Clipboard Master overwhelming; Ditto appeared more streamlined and user-friendly. If only Ditto had a screenshot tool, I would highly recommend it. However, it lacks advanced options for UTF8 programmers and developers. For everyday practical use, Ditto is a sensible choice. But if you want more features, go for Clipboard Master.

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