CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2024, will be a busy event with innovative announcements from tech giant BLUETTI. BLUETTI has an exhaustive portfolio of noiseless power generators and solar panels and will showcase new products at CES 2024, including a 3-in-1 car fridge and an industry-first water-resistant power generator.

CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

The company will unveil its latest portfolio between January 9th and 12th at CES 2024. Let’s check out BLUETTI’s innovative power solutions without delay.

1. BLUETTI Swapsolar: AC180T + MultiCooler Car Fridge

The BLUETTI Swapsolar integrates the AC180T portable generator and MultiCooler car fridge to optimize car and camping trips. The BLUETTI AC180T boasts a 1,433Wh capacity, 1,800W output, and 2,700W lifting capability.

CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

And it doesn’t end there. This power generator also has a hot-swappable battery design, allowing you to swap out one of the batteries. This means you will always have power. A single battery has a capacity of 716.8Wh. While both batteries are needed for optimal power, you can also use one to power the BLUETTI MultiCooler.

The Multicolor is a 3-in-1 portable fridge that can also function as a freezer and ice maker. It is cordless and has two compartments, each with its temperature setting, giving you precise control over food storage. The BLUETTI MultiCooler can also generate instant ice chips on hot summer days.

The BLUETTI MultiCooler produces ice by moving water, ensuring quick ice chip production. In addition to charging via the AC180T’s battery, it also supports car charging, wall outlets, and solar panels. With two full batteries, it can be used for up to six days. After use, the ice maker’s quick drain feature prevents mold and bacteria growth.

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The BLUETTI SwapSolar combo will launch in February 2024, and the fridge has a two-year warranty while the AC180T has a five-year warranty.

2. BLUETTI AC240 Power Station

The BLUETTI AC240 power station stands out for its durability in harsh weather. It is weatherproof, with an IP65 rating for water and dust protection. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, such as on the beach, boat, or desert. Additionally, there are more features to explore.

CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

The BLUETTI AC240 provides 2,400W, delivering sufficient power for RV essentials such as heaters, fridges, microwaves, window ACs, and coffee makers. The 1,536Wh LFP battery enables a modern 566-liter fridge to operate for a day.

This power station features a modular design, like other BLUETTI models, and can be combined with the B210 expansion battery unit. One unit increases capacity by 2,150Wh, and when combined with four units, the capacity reaches 10kWh.

Furthermore, you can combine two AC240 units to drive the total output to 4,800W at 120V. The 20kWh capacity allows you to power your home appliances and gadgets during power outages. The UPS function activates immediately (15ms) during outages, making the AC240 Power Station a reliable backup solution for residences.

Charging the BLUETTI AC240 is simple. The device will fast charge in 70 minutes when connected to the main power (max 2,400W). It also supports solar charging and takes around two hours on a 1,200W solar charge.

The BLUETII AC240 will be available for purchase on the BLUETTI official website and Amazon on 2nd April 2024.

3. BLUETTI AC500 Home Battery Backup

BLUETTI will be showcasing the AC500 power generator at CES. It has a capacity of 5,000W and a modular design, allowing for increased power by connecting battery packs like the B300 and B300S. This generator can run household essentials, such as laptops, coffee machines, and ovens, and currently supports up to six B300 power packs.

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CES 2024: BLUETTI Unveils Industry-First Power Solutions

The AC500 is similar to the AC240 and can also function as a UPS. It is capable of handling power outages and voltage fluctuations. Additionally, you have the option of increasing the total power output by connecting two AC500 power stations together using a Fusion Box Pro, which is available for purchase separately.

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