Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

We’re always curious about who’s viewing our online activities. Whether it’s people watching our Facebook videos or wondering if someone has restricted us, we want to know everything. But can you really see who viewed your Facebook videos? Let’s find out.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

If someone interacts with a post, like commenting, liking, or sharing, it can be inferred that they viewed it. However, not all viewers interact, so it’s natural to wonder who viewed your videos on Facebook. After all, it’s not just vanity; measuring the success of a post or video is important, right?

Does Facebook Show Who Viewed Your Video

The answer depends on where the video is shared: News Feed, Stories, or live. Therefore, let’s answer each case separately.

Video Uploaded on Your News Feed

No. Facebook can tell you how many times or how many people watched the video, but it doesn’t share the viewers’ identity. The best way to see who viewed your videos on Facebook is to check the comments and likes. You can also try to deduce it by checking who visited your Facebook Profile. However, none of these methods will give you a 100% correct or satisfactory answer.

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See How Many People Watched the Video

Facebook doesn’t provide a full list of viewers for standard video posts, but you can still gain insights into your video’s popularity. Whether it’s on your profile or page, you can check its performance with the video metrics.

Videos on Facebook feed

If you shared a video publicly, the number of views is below the video.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Videos on Facebook Pages

When you share a video on a Facebook Page, you can view additional metrics by accessing Facebook on a desktop computer. Simply log in to your account and follow these steps:

1. Open your preferred browser.

2. Log in to Facebook.

3. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.

4. Select “See all Profiles”.

5. Choose the page you want to view the video metrics for.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Next, in the left menu, select Meta Business Suite, click Insights, and choose Content.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

To review the provided text and eliminate redundancy for conciseness and impact, consider the following revised version:

  1. Click the Posts and Stories dropdown and select one or both options.
  2. Select Videos from the Media type dropdown.
  3. Click the video to view insights.

Check Who Is Watching Your Facebook Live Videos

You’re in luck this time, albeit a little restricted. During a live broadcast, you can check the Facebook live viewer list. You can see the number of live viewers and their profile pictures. This feature is excellent for engaging with your audience in real-time, answering questions, and acknowledging viewers. However, once the broadcast is over, you can’t see who watched your video during the live stream or later on. Like the news feed video, you can check the number of viewers, but you can’t see who watched the video exactly. Again, you might have to rely on comments, likes, and profile visits to guess.

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Check Who Viewed Your Videos Posted on Facebook Stories

Just like Instagram, you can see who viewed your Facebook Stories. This also applies to videos posted as stories on Facebook. Access the list of users who watched the story to find your answer.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Unlike the live video perk, you can still check who viewed the video after 24 hours when the Story expires. To do so, go to your Facebook profile, tap the three-dot icon, and select Archive.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Select Story Archive from the top bar and choose the story. Swipe up to see who viewed your story.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

Your story archive must be turned on; otherwise, it’s a no-go.

FAQs on Who Viewed Your Facebook Videos

1. If you watch someone’s video on Facebook, will they know?

If the video is posted on Facebook Stories, they will know and can check who viewed it. However, if it’s published as a post, they won’t know unless you interact with it by liking, reacting, or commenting.

2. How to turn on my Story archive?

Go to your Facebook profile, tap the three-dot icon, select Archive, tap Story Archive, and toggle on.

3. Why doesn’t Facebook show the profiles of video viewers?

Facebook does not reveal the identities of individual video viewers to protect their privacy. This policy is in place to respect user confidentiality and anonymity.

There are tools that claim to reveal video viewers on Facebook, but using them is not recommended. These tools can compromise your account’s security and violate Facebook’s terms of service, potentially leading to restrictions on your account. Instead, it is advisable to rely on the features provided by Facebook for tracking video performance.

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Check Who Is Watching Your Videos

While we don’t know who viewed it, we can check the number of video views on Facebook. The platform allows us to assess video performance while also respecting user privacy. Therefore, if you want to know who’s watching your Facebook videos, consider posting them as stories. You may also want to learn how to disable “Suggested for You” posts on the platform.

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