7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

If you use Spotify, you probably already know how awesome it is. Spotify has revolutionized online music streaming. Today, we’ll focus on the desktop version and explore some incredible tips to enhance your experience. Here are seven tips to make you love Spotify even more.

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

Cool Tip: Does Spotify not work in your country? Read our article on how to make Spotify work worldwide. After you install the desktop app, learn how to unlock the mobile app.

1. Import Your Local Music

Spotify has an impressive music collection, but it’s not perfect due to copyright issues. Sometimes, your favorite track may not be available. However, you can still play local music saved on your hard drive. The Spotify desktop player allows users to import their local music into their online playlist and enjoy nonstop listening.

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

To add local music, go to Spotify Preferences and choose Add Source. Import the folders with the local music. You can also import the iTunes and Windows Media Player library directly. The imported files will be found in the Local Files section on the left pane and will be included in future searches.

Now that we are discussing searching on Spotify, most users simply search for the song, album, or artist name. However, Spotify has built-in search modifiers that many users are unaware of.

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7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

When searching for David Guetta songs from 2010, use the search string “David Guetta year: 2010.” To broaden your search, include a time frame like “David Guetta year: 2009-2011.” Other identifiers include genre, track, album, and artist. For mixed search results, use [genre:metal OR genre:pop].

3. Karaoke – Sing Along Your Favorite Song

The Spotify desktop player allows you to add external apps to enhance your music experience. One app that I like is TuneWiki, which can be added from the App Finder section in the left pane.

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

The app allows you to do karaoke. It retrieves song lyrics and helps you sing like a bird. The TuneWiki lyrics database is crowdsourced, so you can correct or add lyrics if they are out-of-sync or missing.

4. Mute the Ads

I don’t believe in using Ad Blockers. If I am not paying for content, I shouldn’t deprive authors of revenue. Spotify shows banner and audio ads to generate revenue for artists. While I am fine with banner ads, voice-based ads between tracks are annoying. However, you may mute them. Blockify is a nifty app that not only mutes Spotify ads but also lets you play your own MP3s to kill the silence. The app can be downloaded from tribe.nu for free.

5. Go Gapless and Integrate Last.fm

Spotify allows continuous music playback. To activate this mode, open Spotify preferences and select “Gapless Playback”. You can also crossfade tracks up to 10 seconds for a seamless listening experience. Some albums don’t sound good with gaps between songs.

Regarding Last.fm, if you’re a user, you can directly scrobble music from Spotify by entering your username and password in Spotify preferences. This allows for personalized recommendations. If you haven’t tried Last.fm yet, you should give it a go. It’s always reliable.

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6. Sync Your Smartphone Directly

We can connect our phones to Spotify to keep the music in sync, thereby reducing the drudgery of creating playlists in two different locations on the computer.

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

Once the drivers are installed on your computer, Spotify will automatically detect the connected phone or iPod. You can then sync the music directly to these devices.

For premium customers who have downloaded music, syncing them to the smartphone can reduce bandwidth used in downloading redundant data on all devices.

7. Create Collaborated Playlist

Sharing is caring when it comes to music. By using the Spotify collaborative playlist feature, you can create group playlists and ask friends to add songs. This is a good way to discover new music.

7 Power Tips for Spotify to Enhance the Music Experience

Once you create a playlist, right-click and choose “Collaborative Playlist”. Then, just share the unique playlist link with your friends (the best way is to post it on Facebook) and invite them to contribute music.


Here are some tips to boost your music listening experience on Spotify. It’s just the beginning though, as there’s much more to explore on the platform. You can try out various add-ons or apps available for this player. If you’re a Spotify veteran, you may have additional tips to share. Feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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