7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

Perhaps the best thing about owning an Android smartphone is that you can customize it. From themes to app shortcuts, almost anything can be modified to suit your style. These modifications give a personal touch to your phone — a unique touch.

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

While you may have already customized your Android, here are 7 useful Android apps and Widgets that offer even more customization options. Instead of simply installing an app and relying on its default settings, these apps allow you to create your own personalized rules and styles.

Let’s take a look at 7 fantastic apps and widgets that can enhance your Android experience.

1. Get Started with a Cool Launcher

The first step to enhancing the Android experience is installing a cool Android Launcher app. Our recommended choice is Smart Launcher 3. It’s lightweight, fast, and doesn’t heavily drain the battery.

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

Smart Launcher 3 allows you to customize your home screen by arranging your favorite apps in a pattern of your choice, such as a flower or grid. Additionally, the app drawer is organized into folders, which can be accessed with a left swipe. The shortcuts are extremely helpful, as you just need to long-press on an icon to access the available options.

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Another great launcher app is Nova Launcher, which is highly regarded by Android users. It offers a range of impressive features, including gestures and hidden folders, that rival those of other apps.

2. Customize Wallpapers & Widgets

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is the best app for modifying stunning wallpapers. It not only modifies wallpapers but also enhances them with beautiful designs and animations.

Once you become familiar with the app, you can display various information on the home screen, such as CPU speed and ROM status. KLWP is available for free in the app store, with optional in-app purchases.

Similarly, KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is an excellent app for creating custom widgets. Whether you need a simple clock or a calendar with stylish design elements, KWGT can handle it all with professionalism.

3. Get a Smart Reply Assistant

Fluenty, an app that makes replying to messages effortless, intercepts incoming messages and generates fitting AI-based replies. It also integrates maps and video links into outgoing messages. This app’s unique selling point is its support for popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and SMS.

4. Organize the Notification Tray Automatically

Waking up to a cluttered notification shade on your phone is a pain. You can’t clear them all at once or go through them individually. If you can relate to this, Notification Hub is a perfect app to assist you.

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

The task of this app is to group notifications by app on a single card. It has the added benefit of mirroring the card on the lock screen. The setup process is easy – just select the apps you want to receive card-based notifications from, grant the necessary permissions and accessibility access, and you’re ready to use it.

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5. Stay Right on Time

Punctuality is essential in business. One way to achieve it is by managing meetings and appointments efficiently. A widget on the home screen can display all scheduled events and reminders in an organized manner. SolCalendar and its widget are reliable tools for this purpose.

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

To use the app, simply set it up and connect it to your default calendar. Then, customize the widget by long-pressing the home screen. There are various widgets available, offering different sizes and information options. Get ready to conquer the world!

6. Get your Hands on Groovy Icons

Round icons are still a fad. If you want to get on the bandwagon, try the Rondo – Icon Pack app. The designs are simplistic, muted, and have a tinge of material design.

The pack has a wide range of icons, and the developers provide regular updates. It is compatible with most launchers, except for the Google Now launcher which will be removed from the market soon.

7. Have Apps on the Go

Now that the phone looks stunning with customized wallpaper and icons, neatly organized notifications… how about a little magic? A folder that automatically appears with your music apps when you plug in your headphones or organizes all your work apps when you arrive at work. Contextual App Folder (C.A.F) is the perfect app for this, as it creates a dynamic folder on the home screen based on the context of your action or trigger.

7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization7 Nifty Android Apps and Widgets for Customization

There are a total of 9 triggers and actions to choose from when using this app. Simply place the widget on your home screen, select your triggers, and let the app handle repetitive tasks for you.

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That’s the Wrap!

These are some essential Android apps. Share your favorite with us!

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