7 Handy Trackpad Gestures for Mac Users – Twothirds.Us

7 Handy Trackpad Gestures for Mac Users – Twothirds.Us

7 Handy Trackpad Gestures for Mac Users – Twothirds.Us

One aspect of Apple products that has always been a staple is gestures. They initially gained popularity with iOS devices, but now gestures are also important for the Mac experience.

Surprisingly, many Mac users are not aware of several of these gestures. This article aims to address that by showcasing a few useful trackpad gestures that can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency.

Ready? Let’s begin!

1. Bring In Notification Center

Notification Center is a feature in Mountain Lion that displays important news, messages, events, and more. You can access it quickly by dragging two fingers from the rightmost side of the trackpad to just before the middle. This gesture mimics where Notification Center appears on the screen.

2. Move Between Full-screen Apps, The Dashboard and Various Desktops

This gesture is handy and can quickly move you between screens on your Mac. It’s ideal for multitasking with multiple desktops or full-screen apps. To use it, simply swipe three fingers from one side to the other until you find the desired app or desktop.

3. Clear Out Your Desktop From Windows

It often happens that we need desktop access, but it’s cluttered with open apps and windows. There are shortcuts to address this, but this simple gesture clears your screen with minimal finger movement. Place four fingers on your trackpad and slide them outwards to make all windows slide out of view. To return them, perform the opposite gesture.

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4. Activate Exposé

If your Mac has too many open apps and windows, this gesture will be a godsend. Using three fingers and sliding them upwards on your trackpad activates Exposé, showing all open apps and windows for better organization.

5. Summon Your Mac’s Launchpad

If you don’t like dealing with folders, the Launchpad is a great way to manage and access all your apps, especially for heavy iOS users. To bring it up, perform a ‘pinch’ gesture using four fingers.

6. Navigate Between Apps’ ‘Pages’ Or ‘Levels’

Apple apps, like Safari and Calendar, allow you to use a simple gesture to navigate between ‘pages’ or ‘levels.’ In Calendar, swiping two fingers left or right lets you scroll between different days or weeks. In Safari, the same gesture lets you switch between previous and current pages.

7. Find Word Meanings

This tip is simple yet rarely utilized: when you encounter an unfamiliar word and desire its meaning, avoid the hassle of consulting a dictionary. Instead, hover your cursor over the word and double tap the trackpad with three fingers.

7 Handy Trackpad Gestures for Mac Users – Twothirds.Us

Make sure to refer back to this entry periodically until you become proficient in these gestures and can use them to enhance productivity.

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