7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or special occasion, chances are you know someone who loves Apple. Apple enthusiasts are scattered worldwide, and many are very vocal about it. Initially, you may think they’re easy to buy for since they have a clear interest. However, you soon realize that most Apple products are expensive, far exceeding your budget.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of affordable gifts you can get for an Apple lover. Gift cards, gadget accessories, and unique toys that align with the Apple theme are all great options. These ideas don’t cost as much as Apple products themselves. Here is our roundup of seven great gifts for Apple enthusiasts under $50.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

If the person you’re buying for just got an iPhone 7, it’s smart to buy a case. One of the sleekest cases is Apple’s Leather Case. While it may be expensive, it looks and feels great. I usually suggest third-party cases for more protection at a lower price, but that’s why the Apple Leather case is a perfect gift. It’s alluring — something that’s extra and gives you that luxurious feeling of splurging.

The iPhone 6/6s/7 Leather Case costs $45 and comes in seven colors. The iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus case comes in the same colors and costs $49.

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Anker PowerCore 20100

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

The PowerCore 20100 charges an iPhone 7 almost seven times before needing a recharge. I’ve consistently recommended the Anker PowerCore 20100 as the ideal power bank, and I’m still advocating for it now. The iPhone 7 sometimes lacks all-day battery life, especially for power users. Battery cases address this issue, but they often require purchasing a new case with a new phone. Power banks, on the other hand, offer significantly longer battery life at a more affordable price.

Anker specializes in creating powerful power supplies. The PowerCore 20100 can charge an iPhone 7 approximately seven times before needing to be recharged. It is not significantly larger than an iPhone, making it compact enough to travel with. It has successfully powered me through an entire vacation. Additionally, it can charge two devices simultaneously, which is ideal for Apple enthusiasts who commonly use both an iPhone and iPad. The PowerCore 20100 is available on Amazon for $39.99.

DKnight Magicbox II

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

Time and again, DKnight’s Magicbox II receives positive reviews for being the best affordable portable Bluetooth speaker. Every iPhone owner who regularly listens to music knows that a Bluetooth speaker enhances the experience. The Magicbox II offers amazing balanced sound quality with good bass, Bluetooth 4.0, up to 10 hours of battery life, and a impressively compact design. With nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon, the Magicbox II has an impressive 4.4 out of 5 star rating. It’s difficult to dispute that rating, as well the price of $44.99.

Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

If the person you’re buying for has an Apple Watch, consider getting them one of Apple’s new woven nylon bands. Many people opt for the sport band that comes with their Apple Watch, and for good reason – it’s breathable and works well in athletic and formal settings. However, the woven nylon bands have a more classy look and are even more breathable. Plus, Apple Watch bands make a great gift because they allow for customization. The woven nylon bands are available in seven different color combos and cost $49.

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Twelve South New Mac Candle

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

The gift is sure to get a laugh or two, but better yet, it should somewhat smell like a fresh new Apple product.

You probably didn’t notice that new Macs have a specific smell. It’s intentional because the purpose is to manufacture not just a product, but an experience. Twelve South has tried to recreate that experience with a 100 percent soy wax candle: the New Mac candle.

The gift is sure to get a laugh or two, but better yet, it should somewhat smell like a fresh new Apple product out of the box. Twelve South says the notes are mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage. 9to5Mac reported that while it does smell slightly like an Apple product, it overall just smells very clean and pleasant. Either way, it sounds like a win. You can get the candle through Twelve South for $24.

‘Steve Jobs’ Biography by Walter Isaacson

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

The official Steve Jobs biography, released in 2015, is a fantastic gift for Apple lovers who haven’t had the chance to read it. Written by Walter Isaacson, the book explores Steve Jobs’ life, including exclusive interviews with him before his passing, as well as interviews with his close family and friends. It covers his childhood, trials and tribulations, and his journey until the end. Whether enjoyed for leisure or displayed on a coffee table, this book is highly valuable. It can be purchased in hardcover format for $20.99.

Apple iTunes Gift Card

7 Great Gifts Under $50 for an Apple Lover

When all else fails, give the universally appreciated Apple gift: an iTunes gift card. iTunes gift cards can be used to buy music, movies, TV shows, and apps in the iOS App Store and Mac App Store. An iTunes gift card says, “I care about you, but it’s hard to buy for you, so here’s money for your own shopping.” I wouldn’t be disappointed by that gift.

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You can buy iTunes gift cards through Apple in $25 or $50 amounts (or higher if budget allows). They’re also available in stores in smaller increments.

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