7 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Laptops and MacBooks

7 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Laptops and MacBooks

Ethernet is the most reliable way to connect to the internet. While you can use Wi-Fi for a wire-free experience, ethernet offers better stability, and your browsing experience will be marred by fewer disconnections. Unfortunately, laptop manufacturers have given up on the ethernet port to create sleeker notebooks. But, fret not. If you’re a power user vying for a reliable internet connection, follow our recommendation for the best USB to ethernet adapters.

Ethernet adapters can be used with USB-A or USB-C ports. Whether you have an old Windows laptop or the latest MacBook, there’s an Ethernet adapter for everyone. Some adapters also come with additional ports or SD card slots. Here are some USB-A and USB-C to Ethernet adapters for your MacBook and Windows computers. Consider getting a budget Wi-Fi router for uninterrupted gaming. Keep your router up and running during an outage with a power bank.

1. Uni Ethernet Adapter

7 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Laptops and MacBooks

Uni Ethernet Adapter

The Uni Ethernet Internet Adapter is a simple USB-A 3.0 dongle that facilitates gigabit ethernet speeds. It’s a plug-and-play device that works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Users have found the speeds to be consistent and reliable. The adapter is also affordable and has a durable braided cable. It also features an LED indicator for connection status.

2. Ablewe RJ45 Adapter With USB Hub

7 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Laptops and MacBooks

Ablewe RJ45 Adapter With USB Hub

In terms of ethernet functionality, the Ablewe adapter is similar to Uni’s offering. It uses a USB-A 3.0 connector and works with Mac and Windows. The difference is that the Ablewe adapter has three USB-A ports, making it more versatile.

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The Ablewe RJ45 adapter is a multi-purpose hub. It provides stable internet connectivity and allows you to connect three extra devices. If your laptop has limited USB-A ports and the dongle takes up one port, the Ablewe adapter is a good choice.

You can connect flash drives, external hard disks, and other peripherals to the USB hub. With over 12,000 reviews, users are satisfied with the performance and stable internet speeds of the Ablewe adapter.

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