7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

There is something about miniature things that makes us go aww. They look cute and beautiful. Making miniature things is not everybody’s cup of tea, adding miniature effects to your photos is as easy as downloading the right app from the Play Store. Or is it?

It is also called tilt-shift and is a great way to show off your photography skills.

How to Take Tilt-Shift Photos: A Short Guide

This guide is for beginners new to miniature photography who want to learn the basics before getting hands-on. Ideally, look for scenarios that will look good in their minimized form, like cars on the streets. Find a good spot by climbing atop the terrace, and use one of the camera apps I will share below.

To highlight key elements and objects, add a blur effect. Make the colors of the area you’re focusing on more vibrant. Most apps will let you achieve this using contrast and saturation effects.

Fun Fact: Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a French scientist, was the first person to take a photograph. It took him 2 days to get the exposure. Check out the photo here.

Let’s start with the list then.

1. Tilt-Shift Camera

Tilt-Shift Camera is a specialized app for creating miniature effects in photography. It includes a live preview feature for real-time visualization of the final result.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

There are two focus options: linear and round. I suggest experimenting with both to see how they look. Recall our discussion on using saturation, colors, and contrast to enhance the object of focus. The app provides color adjustment options and is available for free download with ads.

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There was one small issue: I had to work with lines to select the blur area instead of freely drawing on the screen, but it’s not a big problem.

2. Instagram

Yes, your favorite app comes with a tilt-shift option. The feature was introduced in 2012 and has been popular with users. Why Instagram?

Most of us already use Instagram’s filters to post photos. It simplifies life when everything is in one app.

Choose a photo and under Edit, you’ll find the tilt-shift option. I’m not a photographer, but here it goes.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

What do you think? I nailed it, right? Yeah, I know. That’s why it’s important to choose a scene. Ideally, you should click from a distance of at least 50 feet.

3. Snapseed

Google recently released several photography apps, but Snapseed is still considered one of the best and most powerful photo editing apps available. Despite its multitude of tools, Snapseed is user-friendly. Simply launch the app and select an image by tapping on the large ‘+’ icon. Click on the Tools button to access a wide range of options, including the Lens Blur setting.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

Choose between linear and round options. Drag the borders of the circle to make it oval. Control the blur, vignette, and transition strength as shown in the screenshot. This gives you more control over the outcome. Scroll the blue bar to adjust it.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

Snapseed should be part of your photography toolkit even if you use another tool to manage tilt-shift photos.

Interesting fact: The default wallpaper that comes with Windows XP is the most viewed photo ever. Charles “Chuck” O’Rear, the photographer, was on his way to meet his future wife.

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4. Awesome Miniature – Tilt-Shift

Awesome Miniature is a photography app for creating miniaturized and tilt-shift effects. It offers linear, oval, and round blur effects. The free version has limited editing options and ads, but the pro version is more feature-packed. For $3.99, the pro version lets you add radial and oval blur, removes ads, supports high resolution images, and provides 30 FX effects.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

Radial blur differs from other blur methods. It starts at the focal point and blurs the image outward or inward, depending on your preference. The results can be intriguing.

There is a convenient compare button that allows you to instantly view the effects removed. This is a useful way to compare your progress with the original photo.

5. Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary Photo Editor has a user-friendly UI with many tools and options to choose from. Undoing actions is simple and easy, with a swipe from left for undo and from right for redo.

It is a powerful photo editor app, with a versatile tilt-shift feature that I find particularly interesting. Launch the app, select an image, and add the tilt-shift effect using the tools at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to find Focus and click on it.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

Your tilt-shift image should resemble this. Notice how the lambo appears like a small toy with the blurred background? This is not my image! The app’s free version includes everything necessary to achieve this effect, but additional features are available in the pro version.

6. Pixlr

Pixlr offers over 2 million combinations for image editing effects. I don’t know what to make of that claim, and frankly, who is counting? But Pixlr is a solid app. I’ve been using it since my Galaxy S2 days.

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7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

Pixlr made the list for its color splash feature, which allows you to focus on a single color. Another effect is focal blur, which enables you to focus on a specific part of a composition. Focal blur gives you control over the transition area, composition, placement, and rotation effect.

7. Camera360

Camera360 is a powerful photo editing app that is free but offers in-app purchases. For this post, we will focus on the free version.

To access the tilt-shift feature, click on the blur button next to vignette.

7 Best Tilt Shift Android Apps to Take Amazing Miniature Photos

To switch between linear and round, click on the Blur button again. You should now see the circle and tap it again to see the linear option. Camera360 also offers other filters not seen elsewhere.

There is an Effects Store that I recommend checking out.

Which One to Choose

It is difficult to determine the best tilt-shift app as the outcome relies on the scene, distance, and understanding of this art form. Try out the aforementioned apps and let us know your preferred choice.

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