7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

Google Chrome offers a native feature to restore tabs from the previous session and even recover them after a browser crash. However, if you want to save the tabs from your current session to revisit them later, bookmarking them individually may not be the most efficient option, especially if you frequently save sessions. In such cases, Chrome session manager extensions are the ideal solution.

These extensions allow you to save your selected tabs indefinitely on your computer. Whenever you want to open those tabs again, simply click on the saved session and all the tabs will launch with just one click.

Now let’s explore how to create a backup of all your open tabs in Chrome by saving the current session.

1. Session Manager

If you are looking for a simple extension that saves all open tabs, Session Manager is a great choice. Click the extension icon to save the tabs and name your tab group for better identification. To access the tabs later, click “Open” next to the session name.

Tip: Hover over the number of tabs to view the websites in each session.

You cannot move tabs between groups or selectively open tabs from a saved session. However, you can add new tabs to an existing group. While the extension allows importing and exporting sessions, it does not offer cloud sync functionality.

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2. Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a popular session manager extension for Chrome. The extension loads in a separate window to save sessions. While some may prefer saving sessions from the toolbar, loading it separately has its benefits as it provides more features.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

You can search for sessions, name them, check the number of tabs, and open each tab separately. You can also sort the tabs within a session by title or URL. Additionally, you can duplicate a saved session.

3. Cluster – Window & Tab Manager

Another useful session-saving extension is Cluster. It is similar to Session Buddy, allowing you to search, open, and remove tabs within sessions. Cluster refers to sessions as Windows and enables you to easily move tabs between different windows.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

This extension also opens in a separate tab. Use Ctrl + M to launch the extension tab. Additional features include suspending tabs and sorting them to keep similar ones together.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

4. Better-Onetab

If you are looking for an extension that offers a simple way to store tabs in Chrome, check out Better-Onetab. It allows you to store all tabs, selected tabs, and tabs to the right or left of the active tab.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

The ability to store tabs is available from the toolbar, but launching the extension in a separate window is necessary to open tabs. By default, opening a saved session removes it from the list. You can change this behavior in the extension settings. Other features of the extension include a dark mode, pinned lists, search, and import/export. The cloud sync feature is currently in beta.

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You can also save a session or a tab from the right-click menu. Check similar Chrome extensions for saving a set of open tabs.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

5. Tab Session Manager

Next on the list, we have the Tab Session Manager extension. Like the Session Manager mentioned above, this one also opens when you click the extension icon in the toolbar, making it easy to access.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

You will see the list of previously created sessions. Clicking on the Save button at the bottom saves the current session. You cannot choose the tabs that you want to save. However, once saved, you can delete individual tabs from the session. If desired, you can expand the extension and view it in a separate tab.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

The session can be sorted using the native sorting feature. The extension offers cloud sync with Google Drive.

6. Save for Later

If you’re overwhelmed by too many features in a service, check out the Save for Later extension. This extension has a minimalist approach to saving sessions. Simply click the ‘Save this window’ button to save all tabs in the current session.

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

Later, when you open the session, click on the session name. You cannot name your sessions in this extension or remove individual tabs. You cannot add individual tabs. It’s all or nothing.

Whether you want to save the entire session or a few tabs, the Web squirrel extension offers both options. Click on the extension to view and save the open tabs. Name the session and save it. To save selected tabs, uncheck the unwanted tabs.

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7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

When restoring a session, you can choose to open all tabs or only selected ones. This extension has a slightly more colorful theme than other session managers. If you enjoy colorful designs, check out our guide on customizing Chrome on your PC.

When to Save a Session

Saving sessions is useful when revisiting pages for research. Session managers allow you to open a set of pages for a specific task. You can also group pages for common interests, such as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using session managers saves time and effort typing URL addresses.

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