7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

Running is a simple way to get fit, and a running app can enhance it. However, there are many apps with different offerings. Don’t worry, though! We’ve compiled a list of the best running apps for Android and iOS devices to help you choose wisely.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

From freebie trackers to powerful apps, each brings its own flavor to running. But hold on, we don’t blindly recommend. We’ve tested these apps before placing them on this pedestal.

Every listed app has earned its spot, so you can invest with confidence, knowing you’re getting the real deal. What’s even more impressive is that many apps seamlessly integrate with your Fitbit or Apple Watch, allowing you to track your heart rate while running. So, let’s start!

1. Map My Run – Get Personalized Training Plans

Map My Run is the top mobile app for running on both Android and iOS. Its clean and organized interface displays essential real-time data such as pace, distance, and time without overwhelming visuals. Additionally, the colorful map tracks your route to help you easily follow and explore new paths.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

One feature we loved during our testing is audio coaching, which provides instant feedback and motivation. The personalized training plans are also great, adjusting to your fitness level and goals.

You can spice things up by participating in virtual races, joining a supportive community of runners, and connecting your Under Armour shoes for advanced metrics like cadence and stride length.

If you’re on a budget, the free version of Map My Run covers the basics, allowing you to track runs, set goals, and engage with the community. But if you’re serious about taking your running to the next level, consider the premium memberships.

If you’re seeking simple fitness tracking, the free version has you covered.


– Real-time air quality tracking

– Plan new routes

– Monitor mileage with a unique shoe-tracking feature

– Supportive community

Price: Free; Subscription: $5.99/month onwards

2. Nike Run Club – Audio Coaching From Nike Experts

Lace up for a personalized running experience with Nike Run Club. This app tailors workouts based on your goals, pace, and preferences. Whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or a beginner, this free running app offers guided runs with famous coaches, encouraging cheers from virtual pacers, and personalized playlists that match your running pace.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

If you’re feeling uninspired, you can challenge your friends to distance duels or join global running groups for friendly competition and community. The running app has a sleek interface, like your favorite pair of Nikes. It’s designed to keep you focused on the run.

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This app serves as a comprehensive tool for runners catering to both newbies and experienced enthusiasts. It tracks your runs, plays music, and offers a social networking platform tailored for runners.

The app monitors metrics like pace, distance, and splits. It also provides coaching plans that align with your fitness goals and advancements.

Motivating quotes that appear when you need a mental lift during your run. The running app syncs with your smartwatch or Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate. Pros: Structured training plans, Audio-coached runs with Nike coaches, Detailed run tracking, Challenges and rewards. Cons: Occasional bugs. Price: Free.

Strava is a lively party for fitness fans. It uses GPS to map and share your runs with a supportive community, like a virtual high-five after every mile. The interface shows your pace, distance, and elevation.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

One of the coolest things in this guided running app is the segments, where you can virtually compete for titles like King of the Mountain on certain routes. It’s like adding a race to your daily run. Moreover, the app also suggests new trails based on other runners’ preferences, keeping your adventures fresh.

You can choose what you see in your feed, whether friends, challenges, or routes, keeping you motivated. The map view is like a running trail: colorful, clear, and begging you to explore.

The free version tracks your runs, provides basic stats, and allows you to join challenges. But for serious runners, Strava Summit offers detailed training analysis, custom workout plans, and tools to plan routes. You also get heatmaps to avoid crowds and a safety feature that lets friends see your location on solo runs.


– Segment Hunting and Competition

– Explore new trails, roads, and paths

– Highly customizable

– Show your heart rate


– Competitive nature of the app can be a double-edged sword

Price: Free; Subscription: $11.99/month onwards

4. Runkeeper – Find New and Interesting Running Routes

Tired of feeling like a lone wolf on your fitness journey? Runkeeper is one of the best running apps available and is your pack leader. It’s a virtual coach in your pocket who pushes you to your limits and cheers you on the way. So, ditch the bulky workout binders and boring routines and make getting fit fun and social.


Feeling alone in your fitness journey? Runkeeper is one of the best running apps and is your pack leader. It’s a virtual coach who pushes and cheers you on. Ditch bulky workout binders and boring routines, and make getting fit fun and social.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

Whether a newbie or seasoned runner, the app tailors workouts to your pace. The monthly challenges keep things fresh and competitive. Thanks to ASICS tech, you can track your progress and check how your favorite shoes are holding up.

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Track your runs and celebrate achievements with a friendly community of runners. Think of them as your cheering squad, reminding you that getting fit is a journey we take together!

The app is as smooth and easy to use as your perfect stride. Finding what you need, from starting a run to checking your pace, is a breeze. Customize the dashboard to show the stats that matter most to you.


– The free version offers valuable features

– Integration with other apps and devices

– Fosters a supportive community

– Can set up audio cues for pace or distance intervals


– Social features might not appeal to everyone

Price: Free; Subscription: $9.99/month onwards

5. Runna – Interactive Running App

Runna is a top running app for iOS and Android with an array of unique features aimed at enhancing your running experience. Its key feature is real-time coaching, which provides customized advice based on your fitness level and goals.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

The app customizes tutoring to meet your needs and offers information about your pace, distance, and calories burnt with GPS monitoring and AI algorithms. You can interact with other runners using the social tool, which promotes motivation and a sense of community.

Thanks to the app’s elegant design, you can easily access functionality with a few touches. The simple design offers a summary of your running numbers, making it easy to assess your progress quickly.

The running app strikes the ideal balance between use and simplicity, making it suitable for both inexperienced and expert runners. Every run is interesting and visually captivating, thanks to dynamic maps and eye-catching visuals.

Despite lacking some premium features, the free version is suitable for recreational runners and a great option for anyone looking to start a fitness journey.

However, the premium version offers fitness challenges, detailed performance metrics, and customized training programs. The VIP version also provides an ad-free environment for uninterrupted runs.


  • Offers personalized training plans
  • Motivates you to stay on track

The app connects runners, offers challenges and rewards. Cons include occasional glitches. The app is free, with a subscription starting at $17.99 per month.

6. Zwift – Combines Virtual World With Gamification

Zwift acknowledges that each runner is unique and offers personalized training plans and routines to meet individual fitness goals. The app provides resources and support to help you gain endurance, make progress, and navigate challenging terrain.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

In-depth performance metrics and individualized training regimens allow you to monitor your development and maintain motivation while working towards your running goals. We love how the app connects you with runners around the world by combining the real and virtual worlds seamlessly.

Although the program offers excellent functionality, we found the user interface confusing. The app has many options to explore, but you’ll need to learn how it works and how to utilize the hidden features.

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-Gamification and virtual world

-Structured and interactive workouts

-Track power, heart rate, cadence, and more

-Constantly adds new features and workouts


-High subscription fee

Price: Free; Subscription: $14.99

7. Garmin Connect – The Most Versatile Running App

Reaching your running objectives requires precision, and Garmin Connect is a top running app that provides just that. With advanced GPS tracking and insightful data analytics, this app is an indispensable companion for your runs.

7 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

The running app provides detailed performance insights, logs your running route and speed, and helps you push yourself to achieve new heights. It also integrates your running statistics with a comprehensive summary of your overall fitness.

One standout feature is the app’s active community, which allows for communication with runners worldwide. This fosters healthy competition, promotes companionship, and provides opportunities to celebrate successes and exchange ideas.

For those seeking additional features, the running app offers a premium membership that provides added levels of complexity. However, the free edition already offers basic run tracking, community involvement, and challenges.

Premium is essential for enthusiasts seeking the best training. It offers personalized regimens, cutting-edge statistics, and unique content for dedicated runners.


– Customizable dashboards

– Tracks various fitness metrics

– Works seamlessly with different devices

– User-friendly interface


– Steeper learning curve

Price: Free.

Lead a Happy Life

We hope you found the app that seamlessly integrates into your training routine from this list of the best running apps for Android and iOS devices. Have you tried any of these? Feel free to leave a comment if we overlooked your preferred app, and we’ll add it to the list if it’s worthy!

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