7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a compelling smartwatch with great features and hardware. However, it is expensive, costing over $399. If you own or plan to buy one, you’ll want to keep it free from scratches and scuff marks. That’s where protective cases for the Apple Watch 6 come in.

These cases wrap around the watch body, keeping it safe from harm, whether it’s a bump against a door frame or an accidental knock on your office desk.

There are different types of protective cases for the Apple Watch Series 6, and we’ve curated a list of the best ones in this post. Let’s take a look.

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1. Onmroad Protective Cover

Size: 40mm and 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Onmroad Protective Cover

The Onmroad Protective Cover features a flexible PC case and a screen protector that offer complete protection for your smartwatch. It’s a simple clip-on case that snaps onto the watch body without any hassle. While it does add some bulk, it still maintains the sleek profile of the watch.

Since it’s a clip-on case, you can charge the watch without removing it. Simply place it on the charger as you would without a case, and it will work perfectly fine.

The protective cover keeps the watch glass shielded from scratches and wear, allowing the watch to shine.

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Please note that this case is not waterproof. If you wear it while swimming, moisture may seep in between the watch and the protective screen.

However, it is important to manage your expectations with this case. Given its price, it will likely wear out sooner when used daily.

2. Reedcale Bumper Case

Size: 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Reedcale Bumper Case

The Reedcale Bumper Case is perfect if you don’t want a clip-on case. It wraps around the top and bottom of the watch body, providing complete protection. It also gives easy access to ports, sensors, and allows for easy charging.

The highlight of this case is its balanced firmness, making it easy to remove while also providing durability.

It’s lightweight and slim, adding minimal bulk to the phone’s profile. It effectively protects the watch from hard hits and minor bumps. With proper care, it will last long.

3. Fintie Protective Bumper Cover

Size: 40mm and 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Fintie Protective Bumper Cover

Switching between different colored cases sound exciting? Get the Fintie Protective Bumper Covers. These simple PC cases wrap around the phone body, and the 8-case pack comes in a slew of attractive colors. Plus, they’re available for around $10.

Unlike top-down cases, the Fintie case needs to be fixed from the bottom, allowing easy access to the watch’s crown. The slim edges protect the watch’s screen from scratches.

It’s an affordable and sturdy case, but not incredibly durable. However, they’re great for short-term use, especially if you frequently switch between colors.

4. Misxi Hard PC Case

Size: 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Misxi Hard PC Case

The Misxi Hard PC Case is a low profile case that protects both the watch’s screen and edges from scratches and damage. It snaps on top of the watch tightly, according to several Amazon reviewers. What’s more, it maintains the touchscreen’s responsiveness, which is a big advantage. This slim and lightweight clear case allows you to showcase the original color of your Apple Watch.

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The Misxi Hard PC Case is popular on Amazon, with its variants attracting over twenty thousand reviews. Users love it because of its good value and functionality. The accurate touchscreen response is an added bonus.

5. elkson Bumper Case

Size: 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

elkson Bumper Case

The elkson Bumper Case stands out for its lightweight and unobtrusive design. It is incredibly light on your wrist. This case is simple, without glass protection, but includes essential features like bumpers around the edges and bottom, raised bezels, and corner protection. The case is made of thermoplastic material that provides a flexible look and easy installation. The cutouts are precise, and the corners are reinforced to deflect knocks. Importantly, the fit is perfect and works as advertised. It is affordable, and if you want a great balance of price and features, give this case a try.

6. Spigen Rugged Armor

Size: 44mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Spigen Rugged Armor

Even though named Rugged Armor, Spigen’s case for Apple Watch Series 6 is a low profile case that protects the watch body from knocks and bumps. This clip-on case is made of soft, flexible polycarbonate that is easy to install, yet rigid enough to maintain a solid structure.

The precise cutouts along the ports and sensors ensure easy access to all essential watch functions. The button has a textured cover, making it easy to press without looking.

Spigen is a renowned name in the case and covers industry due to its durable and high-quality products. With proper care, these products can last a long time. Simply remind yourself to clean the case occasionally, and you’re good to go.

Many users appreciate the durability and easy installation process of this case.

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7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Size: 40mm

7 Best Protective Cases for the Apple Watch Series 6

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

If you are often around heavy machinery or in close proximity to it, you may want to consider the Unicorn Beetle Pro series by Supcase. This heavy-duty armored case not only includes the case itself but also comes with a band. In addition to its raised bezels, the case also features lightly textured edges.

Another notable feature of this case is its shock-resistant nature, which is particularly beneficial if you work outdoors or travel frequently.

While the added safeguards make the Unicorn Beetle Pro bulky, it provides superior protection compared to risking a shattered screen. In this trade-off, the former is the clear winner.

If you have a small wrist, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro may not be suitable for you.

Wrap It Up

The correct case or cover for your Apple Watch ensures it stays in pristine condition. It also protects against everyday wear and tears. Like phone cases, the same rule applies to watch cases. Clean it regularly, especially the crevices and nooks inside. This prevents scratching and scuff marks.

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