7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

To enhance your TV’s visual quality, a good soundbar is essential for optimal audio. In addition to increased volume, a superior sound stage enhances the immersion of TV shows and movies. If your TV has an Optical Audio Out port, utilizing a high-quality optical audio cable will allow you to fully utilize this feature and connect your TV to a compatible sound system.

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

To choose a good optical audio cable, consider its length and construction quality. Avoid falling for features that seem too good to be true. If you plan to run the cable inside the wall, ensure that it supports this type of installation. Now, let’s take a look at the best optical audio cables for TVs. But before we do, check out these HDMI cables for your 4K UHD TV and these Bluetooth adapters for connecting to classic speakers.

1. Amazon Basics Toslink Cable

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

Amazon Basics Toslink Cable

The Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is an affordable yet efficient choice. Available in 3 lengths (3.3ft, 6ft, and 9.8ft), it easily connects your TV or game console to your audio system. While it may not use premium materials, it features corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors for durability.

The cable is lightweight and flexible with a rugged PVC outer layer. However, customers have reported that the PVC can’t survive frequent connect/disconnect cycles. It’s best to plug and forget the Amazon Basics cable. If you need to switch devices frequently and replug the cable multiple times, consider other options on this list.

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2. Monoprice S/PDIF Digital Optical Audio Cable

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

Monoprice S/PDIF Digital Optical Audio Cable

If you want quality without spending a fortune, the Monoprice Digital Optical Audio Cable is perfect. It has precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer of high-quality audio. The cable also comes with plastic tip protectors to safeguard it when not in use. It consists of an optical fiber with a PVC shield and molded strain relief connectors to reduce strain at the cable and connector junction. Many Amazon reviews praise the Monoprice cable for its value-for-money and superior audio quality compared to HDMI audio.

3. Monster M-Series 1000

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

Monster M-Series 1000

Monster is a reputable name in audio products, especially cables. The Monster M-Series 1000 Fiber Optical Digital Audio Cable for TVs is made with premium materials for maximum durability. It also has corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors for optimal signal transfer and higher fidelity audio.

The Monster M-Series 1000 Cable has a Duraflex protective jacket and heavy-duty metal casings, ensuring durability. It is also flexible, making it easy to plug and unplug without worry.

4. iVANKY Slim Braided Fiber Cable

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

iVANKY Slim Braided Fiber Cable

If you prefer a braided jacket, the iVANKY Slim Braided Optical Audio Fiber Cable is a great option. The cable has a nylon-braided jacket that avoids kinks and can withstand over 15,000 bends. The connectors have 24K gold-plating for stable transmission of lossless audio.

The cable is available in different lengths: 1 meter, 1.8 meters, 3 meters, and 4.5 meters. It is CL3-rated, safe for in-wall usage, and can handle high voltage. Removable rubber caps are included to prevent dust and oxidation when not in use.

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The cable has 21,000 Amazon reviews, with most praising its high quality. The braided jacket adds durability, but limits flexibility compared to other options.

5. Bangun 90-Degree Toslink Cable

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

Bangun 90-Degree Toslink Cable

If your TV or soundbar are close to the wall, you may not have enough space for a good-quality optical fiber cable to connect properly. In this case, the Bangun 90-Degree Slim Digital SPDIF Audio Optical Cable is very useful. The cable has a right-angled plug on both ends. It comes in two versions – one with a single right-angled plug end and the other with right-angled plugs on both ends, which makes installation easier in tight spaces.

Thanks to its connector design, the Bangun 90-degree optical audio cable only requires 0.6-inch of space for audio installation. This is much smaller than other full-sized cables that need up to 2.8 inches of space.

The cable has 24K corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors and a durable PVC jacket. It is available in various lengths, ranging from 2ft to 130ft.

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

FosPower Gold Plated Toslink Cable

FosPower has a reputation for high-quality cables, and their Digital Optical Audio Cable is one of the best for connecting your sound system to your TV. It has a durable nylon mesh jacket that protects it from kinks and nicks, as well as accidental bends.

The cable also has PE insulation to protect against RF, EM, and group loop interference. Plus, heavy metal connectors reduce vibration for excellent audio quality.

The build quality of the FosPower cable is significantly heavier compared to other Toslink cables. Reviews mention that a hanging FosPower cable may potentially damage the port on the back of your TV, as most optical audio cable ports aren’t designed to handle heavy loads. If you choose to purchase this cable, we advise securing and supporting it to prevent any downward pressure on the ports.

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7. BlueRigger In-Wall Toslink Cable

7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

BlueRigger In-Wall Toslink Cable

BlueRigger makes high-quality yet affordable cables, and the BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is no exception. Despite its slim design, the cable features a fire-resistant PVC jacket and is CL3 rated, making it ideal for in-wall installation.

The connector has 24K gold plating and grips designed for easier handling and installation. The cable is available in various lengths starting from 3 feet up to 100 feet.

The BlueRigger cable is highly rated on Amazon, with customers praising its quality and affordable price.

Optical Audio cables offer numerous benefits. They transfer audio signals using optical technology, resulting in superior signal strength and quality, especially over long distances. Moreover, they provide better quality than traditional AUX or RCA ports. As a result, many modern TVs now come equipped with optical audio ports.

So, which optical audio cable should you buy? For casual usage, the Amazon Basics Cable is sufficient. However, for the ultimate quality, consider the offerings from Monster and FosPower.

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