7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12, and it has carried over to the iPhone 13 series. MagSafe is a proprietary standard developed by Apple that uses a magnetic ring on the back of an iPhone and supported accessories to snap into place.

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

MagSafe enables faster wireless charging and allows attachment of accessories such as wallets and portable chargers. However, to use MagSafe accessories with a case, you will require a MagSafe compatible case. Here are the top MagSafe cases for the iPhone 13 series.

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Now, let’s move on to the cases.

1. Speck Candyshell Pro

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Speck Candyshell Pro+

Speck is known for its grippy and nice-to-hold cases. The Candyshell Pro, available in various colors, is no exception. This version also has the advantage of MagSafe.

The Speck Candyshell Pro is a minimalistic case with a matte texture, available in several colors to suit your iPhone. It protects your iPhone without adding bulk, making it easier to handle.

The case is compatible with MagSafe accessories, as it has a magnet on the back that snaps onto the rear magnet of the iPhone 13. It’s also inexpensive, making it a reliable choice for the iPhone 13 series.

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2. Spigen Mag Armor

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Spigen Mag Armor

The Spigen Mag Armor is a protective case with a classy look that is also MagSafe compatible. It has a ribbed texture on the back for additional grip. Spigen makes high-quality cases at an affordable price, and the Mag Armor is no exception. It is a thick and protective case that adds a premium look to your phone, with a nice texture on the back and sides for added grip. This case is MagSafe compatible, allowing you to use any MagSafe accessory with your iPhone 13 series phone. The air cushion technology ensures your phone stays safe inside this case.

3. ESR Hybrid Magnetic

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

ESR Hybrid Magnetic

ESR is a well-known brand that produces quality cases at affordable prices. The Hybrid Magnetic case is a clear case that is compatible with MagSafe. It has a hardback and flexible sides.

MagSafe requires magnets on the back of the case, which means there aren’t many clear cases available for the iPhone 13 series that support MagSafe. However, the ESR case provides a transparent back to showcase your smartphone’s color and offers good protection with its polycarbonate back.

The sides are made of TPU, which absorbs shocks but isn’t the best material for clear cases. Over time, TPU tends to yellow, but this is a common issue with all clear cases, not just this one. If you’re looking for an affordable clear MagSafe case, this is a great option.

4. Humixx Magnetic Case

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Humixx Magnetic Case

If you don’t want a clear case that turns yellow, the Humixx alternative is ideal. It has a translucent smoked finish and black edges that won’t deteriorate over time.

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Want to showcase your iPhone 13 without the case turning yellow? The Humixx magnetic case is your best option. It has black edges for a better grip and a cool translucent back with a MagSafe ring for accessories.

The case also has reinforced corners for drop protection. The matte finish feels smooth and comfortable to hold. Plus, it comes in various colors to match your iPhone.

5. Otterbox Symmetry Series

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox is famous for its rugged and protective cases, making it a great choice for maximum iPhone protection. The addition of MagSafe support further enhances the appeal of this case.

The Otterbox Symmetry series is designed for iPhone 13 users seeking top-notch protection. It’s important to note that this case adds bulk and weight to the phone. The extreme protection provided by the case is only intensified by the inclusion of MagSafe.

Another reason to choose this case is the limited availability of rugged cases that are compatible with MagSafe. If you need a case for this purpose, you must consider this one. Additionally, the case has a sleek and understated appearance, which is a bonus for those who prefer stealthy designs.

6. Apple Silicone Case

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Apple Silicone Case

This is the classic silicone case for iPhone 13 series sold by Apple. Available in various colors, it enhances the appearance of your iPhone. If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality case, this is an excellent choice.

Apple’s official silicone cases for iPhone 13 series include MagSafe support. You can easily choose one of the official cases with vibrant colors. These cases feature a felt lining that protects the iPhone from scratches, with MagSafe magnets placed behind it.

The exterior of the case feels soft to the touch. Made of silicone, it provides decent protection to the iPhone, even against drops. Apple’s silicone case is slightly expensive but reliable for MagSafe.

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7. LifeProof Waterproof Case

7 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13 Series

LifeProof Waterproof Case

This is for those who can’t keep their iPhone from falling or want to shoot underwater. The LifeProof Waterproof case is built like a tank and can survive an apocalypse.

This dual-layer case provides extreme protection to your iPhone 13 series device. It protects the back, sides, and display. It’s also waterproof, so you can dunk your phone without worry.

The iPhone 13 series is water-resistant but not waterproof. This case provides peace of mind for those who enjoy swimming or diving with their phones. It is expensive, but the added protection justifies the cost. Additionally, the case supports MagSafe, allowing for extra utility. While not suitable for everyone, it is an excellent choice for the target audience.

Protection With Utility

Cases protect your phone from scratches and dents. Additionally, they can serve other purposes, such as adding a kickstand or MagSafe functionality. Get a MagSafe compatible case for your iPhone 13 and use any MagSafe accessory.

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