6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is useful for listening to music by the pool or at the beach. They are portable and perfect for outdoor parties, as they have a rugged design and can survive water.

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

Several portable Bluetooth speakers in the market offer all the above features, and we have handpicked the best ones for you. Along with a solid build, these speakers deliver great audio output. Let’s take a quick look.

1. AmazonBasics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

AmazonBasics, Amazon’s in-house brand, offers affordable electronic devices, including this portable Bluetooth speaker. With a strong and compact build and an IP67 rating, it is shockproof and waterproof.

This speaker has a rubber outer shell to protect it from drops and cover the buttons. It produces clear sound with decent bass and includes a built-in mic for voice calls. With up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, it can be easily attached to a backpack or bike using the carabiner.

Priced at only Rs. 2,499, the AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a sweet deal.


6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

The Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS features a cylindrical design with speaker grills. Music controls are located at the bottom. It has an IPX5 rating, making it splashproof. It has a 3.5mm audio headphone jack and a micro USB port for charging.

Despite its compact size, the Sony speaker delivers strong and clean audio. It also supports NFC and has a built-in microphone for calls.

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The rubberized exterior may attract dust. It comes in black, white, red, and blue. It includes a silicone ring for hanging.

The Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS is priced at Rs. 3,299. Quite a deal!

3. JBL Clip 2

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

The JBL Clip 2 is a round waterproof Bluetooth speaker with speaker grills at the front. It delivers solid audio performance and has a dedicated call button. You can pair two Clip 2 speakers together for a louder output. It comes with a 3.5-mm wire that plugs into a headphone jack and snaps into the back of the speaker. The speaker features a flexible triangular carabiner on top. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge. The Clip 2 is an improvement over the non-waterproof Clip.

I have used the JBL Go, a cost-effective non-waterproof speaker. However, if you don’t mind spending a little more, the Clip 2 is a better option. The JBL Clip 2 comes in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and Teal and is priced at Rs. 3,599.

4. Ultimate Ears Roll 2

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is my favorite as I’ve been using it for over a year. It has a unique design similar to a UFO. I like the large volume rockers on the front. The speaker is compact and light, making it easy to carry around.

Despite its size, the UE Roll 2 delivers crisp audio with decent bass beats.

The UE Roll 2 has an IPX7 rating, allowing it to be fully submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. It comes with a floatie for buoyancy. With a 100-meter Bluetooth range, pairing is seamless. The speaker excels at delivering clear audio and performs exceptionally well with tracks featuring strong vocals, like Adele’s “Hello” and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

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As for the hardware, the power and pairing buttons are flat and require significant force to operate. Additionally, the speaker lacks a built-in microphone for making and receiving calls, as well as NFC support.

The power and pairing buttons at the back are too flat, meaning you have to press hard to turn them on.

The UE Roll 2 comes with an app for Android and iOS that lets you set alarms, tweak the Equalizer, and pair with different UE speakers. Ultimate Ears claims that this speaker provides 9 hours of battery life, but it usually lasts about 5 to 6 hours on a single charge.

You can buy the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 for Rs. 4,499.

5. ZOOOK Rocker Torpedo

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo has a unique design resembling a mini boombox. It has a rugged build with a rubberized exterior. Thanks to the IPX5 certification, it’s shockproof and waterproof up to 2-3 feet.

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo has two 25W audio drivers and a passive subwoofer, offering a wider stereo output.

The speaker also supports calling with its built-in microphone. It has a massive 5,200-mAh battery, claimed to last for 8 hours. One downside is that it doesn’t support NFC.

Although I haven’t used Rocker Torpedo, I have played with a similar speaker from Zoook – Rocker Armor XL and I was not disappointed. With 30W audio output, the Rocker Armor XL delivered powerful yet crisp sound. Therefore, with 50W audio output, Rocker Torpedo seems like a great upgrade.

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo is available for Rs. 5,499.

6. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 6,000

Last but not least, the Wonderboom speaker from Ultimate Ears is here. It boasts a cute and compact design, delivering loud and clean audio output despite its small size.

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Thanks to its 360° mesh design, this speaker ensures great sound from all angles.

With a Bluetooth range of 100 meters, it can also be paired with another Wonderboom speaker for even louder sound. Additionally, it carries an IPX7 rating, allowing it to be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Ultimate Ears claims the Wonderboom can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The UE Wonderboom combines the best features of other UE speakers, such as the Roll 2 and Boom2, in terms of size, price, and sound quality. It is available in six vibrant colors.

Priced at just Rs. 5,999, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a steal.

Pump Up the Volume!

These 6 waterproof Bluetooth speakers excel in durability, portability, and audio output, offering good value for money. They will elevate your pool party or beach getaway. Have fun! Let us know which speaker you would choose in the comments.

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