6 Best USB Travel Adapters in the UK

6 Best USB Travel Adapters in the UK

We carry multiple electronic gadgets and devices while traveling. They all have individual chargers. But what if you could charge all your devices using a single power brick? And one that can be plugged into various sockets? That’s exactly what we’re recommending in this article: the best USB travel adapters in the UK.

6 Best USB Travel Adapters in the UK

Multiport travel chargers can charge laptops, phones, and accessories simultaneously. Some even have convertible plugs and adapters for worldwide use.

Now, let’s look at some universal travel adapters for the UK and other European countries. But first –

Consider getting a USB power outlet for easy charging if you don’t want chargers all over your house.

Use a phone car charger to juice up your phone while on a road trip.

Control your gadgets’ charging schedule with intelligent power strips compatible with Alexa.

1. Cyzbim UK to European Travel Adapter

6 Best USB Travel Adapters in the UK

Cyzbim UK to European Travel Adapter

If you need to charge your smartphone, smartwatch, or headphones, the Cyzbim travel adapter is perfect. It’s compact and has interchangeable plugs, so you can change them depending on your region.

The travel adapter has a 20W USB-C port for fast-charging your iPhone on the go. Additionally, it has two USB-A ports with a combined output of 12W for charging your accessories.

In fact, you can charge an additional phone with the Cyzbim adapter, albeit at slower speeds. The adapter has a UK plug by default that can be swapped for a US or EU plug. Most reviews praise the Cyzbim travel adapter’s compact form factor, making it a great accessory for vacations.

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6 Best USB Travel Adapters in the UK

Momax Universal Travel Adapter

The Momax universal travel adapter is highly versatile with multiple ports and plugs for four regions. It provides reliable coverage for all your travel needs.

If you frequently travel to Australia, the Momax GaN charger is a better option compared to Cyzbim’s offering because it includes an AU adapter. Unlike other devices that require replaceable plugs, Momax’s adapter has a convenient all-in-one construction. The adapter features sliders on the side, allowing you to easily choose the appropriate plug for your destination without carrying extra connectors.

The Momax charger has a 65W output, allowing it to charge both your laptop and smartphone. With five ports, you can conveniently charge multiple devices at once, eliminating the need for other chargers. Reviews indicate that while the charger performs well, the build quality is only average. To prolong the adapter’s lifespan, it is advised to handle the sliders with care.

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