6 Best USB Data Blockers You Should Use

6 Best USB Data Blockers You Should Use

A USB data blocker is a device that prevents unauthorized access to your device’s data through a USB port. It blocks the data lines in the USB cable to ensure no data transfer. This is useful when charging your smartphone in public places like the airport or shopping mall. However, finding the best USB data blocker can be challenging with many options available.

6 Best USB Data Blockers You Should Use

Thankfully, we’ve found the best USB data blockers to protect against Juice Jacking. Juice Jacking is a common practice where hackers access your smartphone through a charging USB cable. Before we get to the list, you may also be interested in the following:

– Use power banks with USB-C power delivery instead of public charging.

– Add fingerprint login to your PC with Windows Hello USB fingerprint readers.

– Secure your PC with USB security keys for two-factor authentication.

1. PortaPow USB-C Data Blocker Cable

6 Best USB Data Blockers You Should Use

PortaPow USB-C Data Blocker Cable

The majority of USB data blockers are Type-A adapters. However, PortaPow has designed their data blocker as a USB-C to USB-C cable. This is useful if you have a modern smartphone or tablet that charges using a Type-C connector.

PortaPow is a trusted name in the USB data blocker industry. Their blockers are used by several governments, including the USA, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. They also work with many corporations to prevent data theft.

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The cable is small and flexible. It has a Type-C male port on one end and a Type-C female port on the other. Use the company’s cable to connect your charging cable to the wall outlet.

What We Like


Simple design; made for modern Type-C connectors. The cable acts as an extension to increase the charging cable’s length.


With a simple design made for modern Type-C connectors, the cable acts as an extension to increase its length.

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