6 Best UPS for Home Offices

6 Best UPS for Home Offices

UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, are smart investments for areas prone to frequent power cuts. These devices provide uninterrupted PC usage by using battery power. However, not all UPS are equal, and some may be excessive or inadequate for your needs. Here is a list of the best UPS for home offices. But first, check out the best desk lamps and server/network racks for home offices.

1. APC BE600M1 UPS Battery Backup

6 Best UPS for Home Offices

APC BE600M1 UPS Battery Backup

The APC BE600M1 UPS is ideal for small home offices with fewer power-hungry devices. It features multiple outlets, including five surge-protected outlets to filter surges and voltage spikes. The main highlight of this UPS is its power switch-over. In the event of a power outage, it seamlessly switches to battery backup.

The design of the UPS is well-thought-out. The outlets on the top provide ample spacing, making it easy to plug in your devices. Additionally, it includes a USB-A port with 1.5A power.

The APC BE600M1 is a low-power UPS that delivers 330W of power. It can run small devices like routers, modems, printers, and monitors during short power cuts. However, it may not be sufficient for high-end PCs. It is suitable for low-demanding PCs as it allows enough time to save work and shut down.

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This small UPS is a good choice for areas with frequent outages or power spikes. However, it lacks an LCD screen to display details like the time required for full charge or the remaining charge amount.

2. CyberPower SL700U Standby UPS System

6 Best UPS for Home Offices

CyberPower SL700U Standby UPS System

The CyberPower SL700U is a compact UPS that can power internet equipment, such as modems and routers. This 700VA UPS can keep low-power devices running on the battery for a considerable time, allowing you to switch them off during power outages. It can power 100W of equipment for approximately 20 minutes.

The CyberPower SL700U has a decent number of outlets, with a total of 8. It includes a mix of battery-connected and surge-protected outlets (5 + 3). Additionally, it has an extra USB-A port.

The only issue is that the outlets have minimal spacing, which can make it challenging to accommodate a fat power plug in the middle.

3. CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic Battery Backup

6 Best UPS for Home Offices

CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic Battery Backup

Another great UPS for a home office is the CyberPower EC850LCD. It has an LCD screen to view details like charge remaining, power conditions, etc. It also has a hefty battery to run your systems for a considerable amount of time or until you can properly shut them down.

Interestingly, this UPS comes with Eco Mode outlets. When connected to these outlets, the UPS automatically cuts off power when it detects the device in an off state or standby mode. This helps to save energy in critical times.

Like the one above, it comes with 13 power outlets, a big plus. It includes 3 surge-protected outlets with Eco Mode, and 6 surge-protected outlets connected to the battery. Naturally, you can choose the connection as per the device’s priority. The outlets are well spaced and allow you to connect devices regardless of the power plug size.

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This one has a runtime of around 6 minutes in full mode, giving you enough time to save your work and shut down. This is important if you have a PC connected. If you must know, an average computer consumes around 200W of power.

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