6 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

6 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is an upgrade from its predecessor, but is still a good option for first-time users or those upgrading from the Fold3 or Fold2. If you’ve bought a new foldable from Samsung, a protective case and fast charger are essential accessories for your expensive purchase. Here are the best clear cases for the Galaxy Z Fold5.

6 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

An accidental drop can damage your Galaxy Z Fold5’s external screen, hinge, or camera module. To avoid frequent trips to the service center and showcase the Z Fold5’s light blue color, consider using a transparent case for the device.

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1. AICase for Galaxy Z Fold5

6 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

AICase for Galaxy Z Fold5

Running low on cash after spending nearly $1,800 on your Galaxy Z Fold5 and accessories? Check out the affordable AICase for Z Fold5. AICase provides raised protection for the camera and outer screen, preventing scratches. Made of high-grade German tough PC, it offers improved scratch resistance and protection against yellowing. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

Most case manufacturers advertise anti-yellowing claims, but your transparent case may develop a yellow tint over time. AICase offers a clear case for the Fold5 that is ultra-slim and doesn’t add bulk to the smartphone. It fits the Galaxy Z Fold5 perfectly with precise cutouts. They also offer another case with an S-Pen slot. Check out the A2 model if you plan to purchase the stylus.

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