6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

Apart from room heaters, using underfloor heaters is a good way to stay warm during harsh UK winters. These heaters not only keep your feet warm but are also more efficient. If you’re considering installing them in your house, you’ll need a thermostat for underfloor heating as well.

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

A thermostat controls underfloor heating, including timers and modes. Smart thermostats can be controlled via Wi-Fi.

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Let’s discuss thermostats for electric underfloor heating.

1. WMLBK Electric Heating Manual Thermostat

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

WMLBK Electric Heating Manual Thermostat

Looking for a no-frills thermostat without Wi-Fi and a display? Consider the WMLBK manual thermostat. There’s no screen or fancy buttons. Instead, it has an on/off switch and a temperature knob.

WMLBK brings back physical knobs and switches, which are cheaper than Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats.

The only disadvantage is the lack of timers, auto-shut-off, and smartphone controls. Installation is easy, and operation is straightforward.

2. MincoHome Smart Thermostat

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

MincoHome Smart Thermostat

The MincoHome thermostat is the first ‘smart’ thermostat on the list. In addition, the device looks great and offers a nice set of features. The unit’s modern design is a highlight, along with intuitive touch-screen controls.

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The MincoHome thermostat’s glossy black finish screams premium, despite the affordable price tag. You get useful features like a large display, backlighting to view the display in the dark, and Wi-Fi support.

Since you can connect the MincoHome smart thermostat to your network, you can control your underfloor heater using voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also remotely turn on/off the heater or use Alexa skills and schedules for various scenarios.

The reviews are promising and users haven’t had many issues with it except for renaming the device on the Alexa app, which isn’t a big problem.

3. Meross Thermostat for Underfloor Heating

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

Meross Thermostat for Underfloor Heating

If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem and need a compatible thermostat, the Meross is a perfect choice. With a sleek white exterior and glass covering, it looks premium without the high price. Setting it up and controlling it is also easy. The thermostat also has a white backlight for legibility at night and buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Meross has dual temperature sensors in the thermostat to gauge the ambient temperature and adjust the settings accordingly, which is a huge plus.

Most reviews for the product are positive. Users have said that the companion app works well and makes it easy to control the underfloor heater from anywhere. Installation and operation is a pain-free process, with a few users praising the installation process.

4. Ketotek Thermostat with Wi-Fi

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

Ketotek Thermostat with Wi-Fi

Ketotek’s thermostat draws parallels to the Meross thermostat as it offers app controls, integration with Alexa and Google Assisstant, and utilizes an NTC probe sensor for more accurate temperature readings. The Ketotek thermostat also includes a weekly schedule feature, allowing users to program the heater’s on/off times and desired temperatures for each day of the week. This is especially convenient for individuals with consistent weekday routines and different weekend sleeping patterns.

The Ketotek Thermostat is popular on Amazon with over 1,400 positive user ratings. Some users mention a slight learning curve when navigating the menus. Another drawback is the small terminals on the rear, but this should not be an issue if you’re having the thermostat installed by an electrician.

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5. Heatmiser Slimline V4

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

Heatmiser Slimline V4

Finally, a thermostat with physical buttons! Physical buttons make sense on devices like thermostats because they provide feedback when pressed. If you agree, consider getting the Heatmiser Slimline V4.

Don’t worry, the buttons aren’t the only highlight of the Slimline V4. According to reviews, the Heatmiser thermostat is easy to install due to the terminal positioning. If you have some experience with electrical wiring, you can install the thermostat yourself.

The onboard display is unique and not a generic seven-segment screen like other thermostats. The brand uses a self-learning algorithm to study the heater’s usage patterns through the thermostat and create an automatic schedule. Reviews confirm the accuracy of the programming. For a sleek, wall-mounted thermostat, the Slimline V4 is a great choice.

6. Moes Smart Thermostat

6 Best Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in the UK

Moes Smart Thermostat

The Moes Smart thermostat is one of the best-looking thermostats available. It has a sleek design with a square slab of glass that integrates the display and buttons. However, it’s not just for appearance – it also has a solid set of features.

Unlike other thermostats, the Moes thermostat has a unified display and buttons, which gives it a premium look.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the thermostat also comes with a host of features. While most smart thermostats offer temperature monitoring, Moes goes further by including a humidity monitor that can adjust the temperature accordingly.

You’ll also receive support for Moes’ custom app to control the device. Using the app, you can link it to Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control. Not only that, but you can also share the thermostat controls with other family members through the app.

According to reviews, the thermostat’s display has adjustable brightness, which is convenient. However, the UI of the app is a bit buggy and sometimes certain functions are not displayed correctly. Additionally, the app doesn’t always update when a program/schedule is activated, which is disappointing.

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FAQs for Thermostats for Underfloor Heating

1. Can I use a Nest thermostat for underfloor heating?

Nest thermostats do not support underfloor heaters.

2. Where should you place an underfloor heating thermostat?

You can place the thermostat anywhere since you will run wires through it to connect to the heater. Generally, it is mounted on the wall in a room.

3. Does a smart thermostat always need Wi-Fi connectivity?

A smart thermostat will work without Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi is required for remote control.

Keep Your House Warm

A thermostat for underfloor heating allows precise control of heat levels in your room or home. It also automatically determines the required intensity of heat. With these thermostats, you can say goodbye to chilly winters.

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