6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

A smart scale is a useful tool to check weight and essential information. Unlike a standard scale that only displays weight, a smart scale can also check body fat, water content, and muscle mass. You can even sync this information with your iPhone. Here are some of the best smart scales with Apple Health support.

6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

All smart scales that work with Apple Health can sync data directly to your iPhone. This way, your health progress automatically updates on your Apple Watch. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey or building muscle, you can view real-time progress from your iPhone with any of the Apple Health compatible scales below.

Before we get to the products, here are some recommendations:

– Smart scales for under $100 are a good starting point if you’re on a tight budget.

– Track your fitness progress with an affordable smartwatch under $200.

– Learn some cool Apple Health tips and tricks to monitor your fitness levels like a pro.

1. Renpho Smart Scale

6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

Renpho Smart Scale

Renpho’s smart scale is an affordable, minimalist device with all the essential features you need. It works seamlessly with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Health, catering to everyone’s needs.

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If you’re getting a smart scale for home use, chances are everyone in your family will be using it. The scale’s compatibility with various services is advantageous if not everyone at home has an iPhone. The top surface is made of tempered glass with four electrodes on each corner, which must make contact with your feet to measure data.

There have been complaints of internal memory being erased. If you frequently save progress to check back later, you may wake up to find your records lost. Aside from this, the Renpho scale is a great purchase at a fraction of the price of other smart scales.

What We Like

Affordable reports provide all essential health data.

What We Don’t Like

Internal memory can randomly get erased.

2. Fitindex Digital Bathroom Scale

6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

Fitindex Digital Bathroom Scale

If you’re into accumulating and analyzing data, the Fitindex bathroom scale is perfect for you. Along with fitness data and Apple Health support, the Fitindex digital scale comes with a companion app that can export your data in a CSV format.

Export your weight, BMI, and muscle data into an Excel sheet and start plotting graphs! This is a great way to monitor your progress and can even motivate you since you can create visual cues of your fat burn.

What We Like

Easy data export and simple UI.

What We Don’t Like

Cold feet can sometimes cause a failure to work properly.

3. Ablegrid Body Fat Scale

6 Best Smart Scales With Apple Health Support

Ablegrid Body Fat Scale

Both scales mentioned use replaceable batteries. While that can be advantageous, it’s frustrating when you run out of cells at home. The Ablegrid body scale solves this problem by including a built-in battery that can be charged via a USB-C port.

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If you stand on the scale and realize there’s no more juice, all you need to do is plug it in for a few minutes to get a reading. You can even connect a power bank if you’re in a hurry to charge it up. Additionally, the Ablegrid body scale justifies its higher price tag with a few other changes.

The design of the Ablegrid body scale is more minimalistic with seamlessly integrated electrodes on the glass surface. This improves aesthetics without affecting readings. Additionally, the scale can measure up to 16 parameters, including heart rate.

The Ablegrid app is also compatible with the Apple Watch. While other scales mentioned above sync data with Apple Health on the Watch, having a dedicated app allows you to view detailed stats without using your phone.

What We Like

Attractive design and heart rate monitor.

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