6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

Convenience and security are top priorities for property managers and renters. Whether you’re a renter seeking advanced home security or a landlord aiming to provide a cutting-edge experience, smart locks for renters are the answer. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best smart locks for your rental properties.

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

In this article, we’ll explore the best smart locks for rental properties. We’ve curated a list of top contenders, from Airbnb-friendly designs to robust Wi-Fi door locks.

These devices offer remote access and control, eliminating the need for physical keys and enhancing security. Whether you manage a single rental unit or an extensive portfolio, incorporating smart locks into your properties can greatly improve the tenant’s experience and streamline operations.

If you want to upgrade the lock in your rental or lakeside cabin, here are the best smart locks for rental properties. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Check out these smart door locks with camera. This innovative technology combines the convenience of a door lock with the added security of a built-in camera. With these smart locks, you can monitor who is at your door from anywhere and at any time. No more worrying about missed deliveries or unexpected visitors. These locks provide an extra layer of protection for your home and peace of mind for you and your family. Don’t settle for traditional door locks when you can have the latest smart technology at your fingertips. Upgrade to a smart door lock with a camera today and experience the future of home security.

1. Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt

The Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt is a great option for those seeking an affordable smart lock. This lock is easy to install and integrates with the Wyze app. It allows users to remotely lock and unlock doors, give access codes to tenants, and track entry history.

The Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt brings simplicity and security to smart lock technology. Its user-friendly design makes installation easy, making it a great choice for tech-savvy renters and landlords. You can create unique codes for each person seamlessly. The auto-lock feature enhances home safety by securely locking the door behind you.

Wyze stands out for its seamless integration with the Wyze ecosystem, enabling users to control and monitor their smart lock with other Wyze devices. The doorlock works via Bluetooth and can be paired with the Wyze Doorbell Pro. This allows users to remotely grant access to visitors from anywhere using the Wyze App.

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What We Like

When it comes to choosing the right smart lock, it’s important to take into account a few key factors. The ease of installation and setup are known to be crucial, as you want a lock that is both affordable and easy to install. Additionally, having an auto-lock feature can enhance security and provide peace of mind. Integration with the Wyze Ecosystem is also a plus, allowing for seamless integration with other smart home devices. By considering these factors, you can find a smart lock that meets your needs and preferences.

Limited integration with smart home systems

2. Hornbill 8-in-1 Keyless Entry

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

Hornbill 8-in-1 Keyless Entry

The Hornbill 8-in-1 Keyless Entry Door lives up to its name, offering a versatile combination of access methods. This feature-rich lock also boasts fire-rated protection and a durable weatherproof design, making it suitable for various outdoor environments. The Hornbill 8-in-1 Keyless Entry Door lock takes versatility to the next level, offering various access options. From fingerprint recognition to traditional password entry and RFID card access, this lock provides multiple ways to secure your property. Features like Cyclic PINs ensure that caretakers can access your house. Additionally, there are helpful features like One-Time and Permanent codes that you can use depending on the scenario.

Like the Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt, the hornbill lock requires a G2 wifi gateway to connect to the Internet. However, the hornbill lock is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The battery is stated to last for up to six months and the lock also has an emergency USB-powered backup.

When it comes to choosing the right smart lock for your home, it’s important to take into account affordability, multiple access options, sturdy construction, and an anti-peep keypad. These factors are known to be key considerations for homeowners looking to elevate their home security. Additionally, understanding the importance of a smart lock that can regenerate response is crucial in today’s technology-driven world. If you’re looking for a smart lock that offers all of these features and more, then you’ll love our selection. With these factors in mind, it is important to remember that a smart lock can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it offers convenience and peace of mind, but on the other hand, it can also be vulnerable to hacking. So, by following these key guidelines and considering these important factors, you can choose the right smart lock for your home.

What We Don’t Like

The initial setup can be complex. There is no standalone internet connectivity.

3. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties


The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro is an excellent option for property managers prioritizing biometric security. This lock has a lightning-fast fingerprint scanner that can store up to 100 unique fingerprints. Its sleek design and durable construction add to its appeal.

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The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro is an ideal choice for rental properties. The highlight is its advanced fingerprint recognition technology, providing a secure and convenient way to access your home. The app is also user-friendly, with a neat timeline of events and support for temporary PINs, door lock status, app-based control, and smart assistants.

The U-Bolt Pro doesn’t require a home base or connect module, unlike other products on this list. It connects directly to your home Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to worry about someone accidentally switching off the connect module. Additionally, its unique design gives it a sleek and modern appearance.

What We Like

Advances in technology have revolutionized the way we live, and one area where we have seen significant advancements is in the field of security. Fingerprint recognition technology, for example, has become increasingly sophisticated and is now being used in a wide range of applications, from unlocking smartphones to accessing secure facilities.

One of the key benefits of advanced fingerprint recognition is its accuracy and reliability. Unlike traditional methods of identification, such as passwords or PINs, fingerprints are unique and cannot be easily replicated or forgotten. This not only increases security but also eliminates the need for individuals to remember complex passwords or carry around identification cards.

Another advantage of fingerprint recognition technology is its convenience. With a simple swipe or touch of a finger, users can quickly and easily authenticate their identity. This eliminates the need for physical keys or access cards, which can be lost or stolen. Additionally, fingerprint recognition is fast, allowing for seamless and efficient access control.

In addition to its accuracy and convenience, fingerprint recognition technology offers a high level of security. Fingerprint patterns are difficult to fake, making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. This is especially important in sensitive areas, such as government facilities or corporate offices, where protecting important information is crucial.

Furthermore, advances in fingerprint recognition technology have led to the development of sleek and modern devices. Gone are the days of clunky and outdated security systems. Today, fingerprint recognition devices are designed with aesthetics in mind, blending seamlessly with their surroundings. This not only enhances the overall appearance of a space but also creates a sense of modernity and sophistication.

To complement the advancements in hardware, smartphone applications have also been developed to take advantage of fingerprint recognition technology. These applications offer intuitive interfaces that allow users to easily manage and control access to their devices or secure accounts. With a few taps on a screen, users can enable or disable fingerprint recognition authentication, further enhancing the security of their personal information.

Lastly, the integration of fingerprint recognition technology with built-in Internet connectivity has opened up a world of possibilities. Users can now remotely manage access to their devices or accounts, even when they are not physically present. This level of connectivity allows for greater control and peace of mind, knowing that your information is secure no matter where you are.

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Overall, the advancements in fingerprint recognition technology have had a profound impact on our society. From increased security and convenience to sleek and modern designs, these advancements have transformed the way we think about security. Whether it’s unlocking your smartphone or accessing sensitive areas, fingerprint recognition technology has become an integral part of our daily lives.


4. August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

6 Best Smart Locks for Rental Properties

August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

The August Home smart lock is a top contender for seamless integration with smart home systems. This versatile lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, enabling voice-controlled door access. It is also the easiest to install.

August Home innovates smart locks with its unique retrofit design. Rather than replacing the entire lock system, it seamlessly integrates with your existing deadbolt. It can then connect directly to the internet, transforming it into a smart lock. The installation process takes only 10 minutes at most.

While you can still use your existing keys, you won’t need them anymore with the smart features, making it a top choice for keyless door locks for rental properties. The August Home door lock app can create and share permanent, scheduled, or temporary access to your house. It also seamlessly integrates with all smart assistants, so you can use voice unlock too.

The unit features the company’s DoorSense technology, which can tell you if a door is open, closed, unlocked, or locked. The feature will come in handy if you have rental properties. The lock also comes with an auto-unlock feature, which you might want to turn off. This is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and minimalistic smart door lock for your property.

What We Like

Retrofit design, easy installation and setup, built-in internet connectivity, voice control for hands-free access, and seamless integration with major smart home systems.

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