6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

When traveling, most people prefer to travel light and without inconvenience. However, if you have a bulky camera bag, it can be difficult to carry and store. That’s why a shoulder camera bag is necessary to hold your camera and lenses.

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Shoulder camera bags are easy to carry. Just drape the strap over your shoulders or wear them across your chest to prevent slipping.

If you want to upgrade your camera bag, here are the best shoulder camera bags for travel. Let’s check them out. But first,

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1. Bagsmart Compact Camera Bag

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Bagsmart Compact Camera Bag

The Bagsmart Compact Camera Bag is a cost-effective choice. It’s compact and can hold a full-frame DSLR camera with an attached lens and additional lenses, depending on their size. It features a mesh pocket and pockets on the sides. It also includes a dedicated rain cover.

The rain cover has D-loops on the sides, allowing you to carry it across your shoulders in the rain. The pockets are spacious and can hold items like SD cards, batteries, and cables. The side pockets can even be used as a wallet.

The main compartment has two padded dividers that can be moved to suit your needs. The open design allows full access to the main compartment. The bag’s thick material protects the content inside. The shoulder strap has decent padding for its price.

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2. Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L

The Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L is smaller than the one above and functions as a compact camera bag for specific shoots. Its standout features include a weatherproof exterior and external carry straps. The padded dividers inside can be customized to suit your needs.

The Everyday Sling 3L has a decent size, but if your camera is large, you may need to recheck the dimensions. It is suitable for compact cameras such as mirrorless ones with a fixed lens or slim body.

The bag’s exterior is made of weatherproof material, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in a sudden shower. The durable aluminum straps are easy to adjust, a point that has been confirmed by multiple user reviews.

The Everyday Sling 3L has limited pockets. They are small and can only hold tiny items. The lack of a top-down opening makes it somewhat difficult to quickly access the camera.

3. Moment 10L Camera Sling Bag

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Moment 10L

The Moment 10L Camera Sling Bag combines the best qualities of the above two camera bags. It’s compact and has many pockets. Plus, the larger size allows for more than just your camera and lenses. This bag is also weatherproof and protects against rain.

What sets it apart is its heavy-duty material that protects against bumps. It has a greater carrying capacity and two movable dividers compared to the previous bag. It even has a dedicated pocket for your tablet, in case you want to review your shots on the go. The top-open design makes it easy to access your cameras and lenses.

The Moment 10L is a versatile bag with ample space for clothes during travel. However, it feels bulky when worn on shoulders.

4. Compagnon Element Sling 15

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Compagnon Element

The Compagnon’s Element Sling 15 is more than just a shoulder camera bag. It’s an all-in-one bag for camera gear while traveling. It features a roll-top for clothing storage and a dedicated front compartment for smaller items like batteries, chargers, and SD card holders. The bag is sturdy and has a top handle for easy dragging.

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Similar to the above bag, this one is slightly larger than average shoulder camera bags and a bit more expensive. However, its solid construction and clever design compensate for the higher price. It even has a secret pocket at the bottom.

The main camera compartment can hold your camera with an attached lens and secondary lenses. You can adjust the dividers as needed. The Compagnon’s Element Sling 15 stands out for its durable zippers, buckles, and holders. The roll top is equipped with a Fidlock V-Buckle.

In addition, the bag has multiple pockets and a robust material that can withstand the elements. The shoulder strap is wide and comfortable, and a rain cover is included.

5. Domke F-2 Classic Waxwear Camera Case

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Domke F-2 Classic

If you’re not a fan of large camera bags, check out the Domke F-2 Classic Waxwear. It’s a compact bag with no extra features like hidden pockets. Despite its size, it can hold a lot of gear. Chris Upton from Chris Upton Photography says it can fit two Fuji X bodies with lenses, two lenses, flash, lens hoods, Lee Seven5 filter kit, cloths, and SD cards, among other things. Impressive, right?

The material isn’t as tough as some other bags, but it has a waxed exterior. The company even includes a bottle of wax for reproofing.

In addition to the main compartment, there are two side pockets for camera accessories. The Domke F-2 Classic Waxwear camera bag comes with 4 compartment dividers that you can customize to your liking.

Did you know that Jim Domke introduced camera shooter bags in 1976?

6. Tenba DNA 16 Pro

6 Best Shoulder Camera Bags for Travel

Tenba DNA 16 Pro

Last but not least, we have the Tenba DNA 16 Pro. It is perfect if you want a compact camera bag with ample storage space. Not only can you carry camera accessories, but also a small laptop or tablet. It features a top compartment, a lined compartment on the inside, and side pockets. The fabric is water-repellent.

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Similar to the Element Sling 15, the buckles are unconventional, requiring sliding to open. The padding inside the primary compartment is removable, allowing efficient adjustment and organization of your camera gear.

Despite being expensive and bulky for a shoulder bag, the Tenba DNA 16 Pro offers maximum protection for your camera gear.


Traveling for shoots requires carrying as much equipment as possible with minimal hassle, making above-camera shoulder bags the ideal choice. For a camera and a few lenses, Bagsmart and Peak Design offer affordable options that are perfect. However, if you prioritize maximum protection for your camera gear and need ample storage space, the Element Sling 15 or the Tenba DNA 16 Pro are excellent choices.

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