6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Foldables are the future. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, you can enjoy large screens in a compact device. However, foldables are more fragile than candybar smartphones and have higher repair costs. If you have a foldable smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, consider one of the best cases mentioned below.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Right from clear cases that show off the smartphone’s back to rugged cases, you can pick up a variety of cases for the Galaxy Z Fold5. We’ve included MagSafe cases, cases with a built-in S Pen slot, kickstand cases, etc to give you compelling options. But before we get to the protective cases for the Galaxy Z Fold5, here are some other articles you may be interested in – Samsung doesn’t ship an adapter in the box, so you’ll need to purchase a fast charger for the Galaxy Z Fold5 separately. Carry the S Pen wherever you go using a Galaxy Z Fold5 case with an S Pen holder. Get the most out of your latest foldable using cool Galaxy Z Fold5 accessories you can buy.

1. VRS Design Simpli Fit Crystal Case

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

VRS Design Simpli Fit Crystal Case

Do you want to show off your brand-new Galaxy Z Fold5’s back? The VRS Simpli Fit clear case is for you. Along with showcasing your phone’s design, the VRS Design case offers hinge protection to keep your phone safe.

Most cases skimp on hinge protection, making the phone feel less bulky but compromising drop protection. However, it’s not just about the hinge.

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VRS Design also includes a screen protector to prevent scratches on the Galaxy Z Fold5’s external display. The raised edges on the case provide additional camera protection.

All transparent parts on the case are made of polycarbonate, so you don’t have to worry about the case turning yellow over time. If you need a clear case for your Galaxy Z Fold5, consider the VRS Design Simpli Fit.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Zero One case will definitely catch attention. The Zero One is a different version of Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid clear cases. The back of the case features a graphic of a logic board and other phone components. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Zero One aims to replicate the internal elements of your phone. This clear case truly lives up to its name. If you love smartphones, you’ll surely appreciate the case’s subtle design details.

The circuitry is printed on a polycarbonate back, while the sides are TPU. Spigen added a smoked finish to ensure they don’t turn yellow. The design is the highlight of the Spigen Zero One case, but it also provides protection with raised bezels. Buyers seeking a case with character will find plenty to like here.

3. Spigen Slim Armor Pro

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Spigen Slim Armor Pro

Spigen’s Armor cases provide excellent protection for your phone. The Slim Armor Pro not only protects the display and back, but also the metallic hinge. Additionally, the case features air cushion technology to absorb impact on the edges.

Despite its name, the Spigen Slim Armor Pro is not a thin case. While the back is slimmer than most rugged cases, it does add to the already large dimensions of the Galaxy Z Fold5.

The thickness of the case does offer enhanced protection. However, it restricts users from laying their phone flat with the internal screen open due to the added wobble caused by the hinge protector.

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Unfortunately, buyers seeking uncompromised protection will have to live with this tradeoff. Most, if not all, hinge protection cases are plagued by the issue. However, if you don’t use your Galaxy Z Fold5 when it’s laid flat on a table, the case’s design should not disrupt your usage.

4. Torras MagSafe Case

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Torras MagSafe Case

Torras offers a versatile case for the Galaxy Z Fold5. It not only protects the phone but also features a rear MagSafe ring for attaching accessories. The case includes an integrated S Pen slot, making it highly functional. It has a translucent back that showcases the Galaxy Z Fold5 and allows for easy attachment of a wireless power bank or wallet thanks to the MagSafe magnets.

If you purchase the S Pen Fold Edition for taking notes on your Galaxy Z Fold5, the Torras case has a slot to store the stylus with the phone. However, the S Pen slot makes the case slightly uncomfortable to hold for long periods due to increased width. Buyers with MagSafe accessories will appreciate Torras’ offering.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case with Strap

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case with Strap

Samsung’s official Galaxy Z Fold5 standing case has a practical design. The silicone case includes a rear strap to securely hold the phone. When you no longer want to hold the phone, you can replace the strap with a kickstand for better viewing.

For those concerned about the environment, the Samsung standing case is impressive. It incorporates 15% post-consumer recycled content, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The kickstand at the back is a useful addition if you watch Netflix on your phone. The strap comes in handy, especially for better grip on the massive Galaxy Z Fold5. The Samsung standing case feels velvety due to the premium silicone material used. It’s slim, so it won’t add much bulk to your phone. Consider getting Samsung’s official case for the Galaxy Z Fold5.

6. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Cases for Added Protection

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Do you want your Galaxy Z Fold5 to survive a 20-foot drop? The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case can help. It is not only rugged but also comes with useful features. This case has a built-in kickstand and a hidden S Pen slot in the hinge compartment. It also includes a built-in screen protector. The S Pen holder ensures you won’t lose your stylus after taking notes. The slot is hidden, so it doesn’t make your phone wider.

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The built-in screen protector is affixed to the front of the case, safeguarding the Z Fold5 and eliminating the need for a separate screen guard. Despite its positives, the biggest downside of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case is its bulky construction.

Make no mistake – the Bettle Pro is a thick case that adds heft to the already sizable Galaxy Z Fold5, especially when folded. Needless to say, your palms may not appreciate the added bulk. However, if you want ultimate protection (and a substitute for weight training at the gym), the Unicorn Beetle Pro will serve you well.

Treat Your Phone With Care

Save money on repairs with the best Galaxy Z Fold5 cases listed above. Choose from MagSafe cases for added function or cool transparent cases. Let us know which one you picked in the comments below.

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