6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

Samsung has adopted a new design for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, featuring a boxy shape and clean camera module for a classy look. However, this design also makes the phone prone to scratches and accidental damage. To protect the camera, we have selected the top six camera protectors for you to consider. Additionally, when purchasing a cover or screen protector for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, it is advisable to include a camera protector. Before we begin, we recommend checking out some of the best S22 Ultra cases: enjoy movies and TV shows with the best stand cases, or take your S22 Ultra swimming with the best waterproof pouches and cases.

Get the best thin cases for the S22 Ultra to avoid adding bulk.

1. TIUYAO Camera Lens Protector

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

TIUYAO Camera Lens Protector

TIUYAO is the most affordable option, highly effective and adds a personal touch with a multi-colored aluminum alloy lens ring.

Galaxy S22 Ultra has five cameras on the back. TIUYAO offers five aluminum camera rings to protect the entire camera module. It’s made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy and tempered glass to resist regular wear and tear better. The company promises high transparency not to affect the original visuals.

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Apart from multi-color, you can get an S22 Ultra camera lens protector in different stylings like glitter, diamond, single-color, and more. There are over fourteen options. For the asking price, you can’t go wrong with this one.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

Milomdoi Camera Lens Protector

If you don’t like how the Galaxy S22 Ultra exposes the camera lenses, you can get a screen protector from Milomdoi to safeguard them stylishly. Milomdoi offers multiple options and styles. Unlike TIUYAO, the company uses material with a 9H level of hardness to protect the camera module from hard falls. The accessory precisely covers the camera lens area and has an oleophobic layer to keep it clean when wiping dust and fingerprints. If you don’t want to use a camera lens protector on the module, choose this one and you won’t regret it.

3. IMBZBK Camera Lens Protector

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

IMBZBK Camera Lens Protector

IMBZBK offers the best bang for your buck with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. You get three camera protectors and three screen guards at an affordable price. Most companies offer only one camera lens protector, but IMBZBK sweetens the deal with three. They advertise 9H hardness to resist wear and tear. The screen protector is made of premium TPU and covers the S22 Ultra’s curved screen completely. The camera lens protector is easy to install, anti-fingerprint, and won’t affect camera quality. The package includes positioning tools for bubble-free and aligned installation of the screen protector.

4. Tensea S22 Ultra Camera Lens Cover

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

Tensea Camera Lens Protector

Tesea is a favorite from the bunch. It’s aviation aluminum with 9H hardness for optimal protection.

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Tesea provides a distinctive 3D structure and look for your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera module. It’s transparent, leaving no residue, fog, blue light, or smudges in camera results. Besides Phantom Black, you can get the camera protector in various styles such as clear, colorful, glitter, diamond, and more. Make sure to explore different options before making your purchase. The bundle includes an installation guide, remover, and cleaning tool.

5. Hoerrye Camera Lens Protector

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

Hoerrye Camera Lens Protector

Hoerrye camera lens protector may be expensive, but it’s worth the price as it offers high-quality protection without compromising the image quality of your S22 UItra. It comes in different colors, allowing you to match it with your phone or create a contrasting combination. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t include a screen protector with your purchase and doesn’t specify the hardness level. Considering the asking price, it should provide users with multiple lens protectors. The Hoerrye camera lens protector’s main selling point is its space titanium alloy material, which is significantly tougher than standard aluminum.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protectors

Spigen Camera Lens Protector

Spigen offers complete camera protection for your Galaxy S22 Ultra with its camera lens protector. Made of 9H tempered glass for durability, it includes an EZ Fit tray for easy installation. The protector also features an Oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints during daily use. If you already have a Spigen case, this lens protector is a perfect match for your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 UItra’s Camera Deserves a Better Protection

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts an industry-leading camera module setup. However, accidental damage to the module can result in blurry zoom and ultra-wide shots. Safeguard your valuable purchase by acquiring a camera lens protector from the mentioned options.

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