6 Best PS5 Bluetooth Adapters for Audio

6 Best PS5 Bluetooth Adapters for Audio

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is one of the best gaming consoles right now. However, it lacks support for Bluetooth audio. To connect Bluetooth earphones to your PS5, you can use a Bluetooth adapter. These adapters allow you to connect any Bluetooth headphones with your PS5.

6 Best PS5 Bluetooth Adapters for Audio

Bluetooth Audio adapters, unlike normal Bluetooth adapters, handle only a single wireless data stream. Additionally, they typically support Bluetooth protocols such as aptX Low Latency. Consequently, you can connect a regular Bluetooth headset to your PS5 without worrying about latency.

This article reviews some of the top PS5 Bluetooth adapters for audio that you can use. However, before we get into that, you may be interested in checking out the following:

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1. DRILI PS5 Bluetooth Adapter

6 Best PS5 Bluetooth Adapters for Audio

DRILI PS5 Bluetooth Adapter

If you’re looking for a budget PS5 Bluetooth Adapter that works well, DRILI has a great product for you. With support for multiple audio codecs and the ability to connect to two devices at once, the DRILI PS5 Bluetooth adapter is a great value.

The DRILI PS5 Bluetooth Adapter supports SBC, aptX, and aptX LL codecs, and automatically selects the lower latency codec if your headphones support it. This means you can easily use your AirPods with your PS5 using the SBC codec, or use other Bluetooth headphones with the aptX LL codec.

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