6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

The OnePlus Pad is one of the most powerful Android tablets available. It offers a capable chipset, an awesome display, and a good ecosystem of accessories that allow you to use the device as a mini laptop on the go. If the features have convinced you to pick up the tablet, consider getting one of the best cases for the OnePlus Pad.

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

Tablets are large and heavy. If you drop one, it might shatter the display or damage the chassis. To prevent this, pick up a case for the OnePlus Pad. We’ve included a variety of cases for different use cases.

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Let’s get to the cases for the OnePlus.

1. CoBak Slim Hard Back Shell

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

CoBak Slim Hard Back Shell

Many people avoid bulky cases for their tablets, but the CoBak Slim case for the OnePlus Pad is recommended if you want minimal added bulk. It provides decent protection without significantly increasing the tablet’s size.

While a slim case is convenient for carrying the OnePlus Pad, it may not offer sufficient protection against drops. The exposed sides of the case leave the tablet vulnerable to scratches and dents.

In addition to its slim design and affordability, the CoBak Slim case for the OnePlus Pad has two other notable features. Firstly, the front of the case doubles as a kickstand, allowing for easy video watching when the tablet is placed on a table.

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The OnePlus Pad case has magnets on the front, allowing the tablet to know when the flap is open or closed. When the flap is lifted, the screen automatically lights up, and it turns off again when the flap is closed. Additionally, the CoBak case is affordable and highly functional.

2. Gosento Clear Case for OnePlus Pad

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

Gosento Clear Case

The OnePlus Pad has a unique design that you may wish to flaunt. The solution? A clear case from Gosento, which allows you to show off the back of your OnePlus Pad. Additionally, the corners of the case are reinforced, providing added protection.

The Gosento clear case is made of TPU, making it flexible. Over time, it is prone to turning yellow. However, there’s not much else to complain about regarding the Gosento clear case. It’s thick and sturdy, ensuring that your tablet should ideally survive any accidental drops.

There’s a good amount of lip on the screen, which is welcome. Since it’s inexpensive, you can get the Gosento clear even if it will yellow over time. When it turns too yellow, you can swap it out for a new one. If you aren’t fussy about a transparent case and want one with an opaque back, check out the Poetic case mentioned later.

3. Foluu Case With Pen Holder

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

Foluu Case With Pen Holder

Foluu specializes in creating cases for various phones and tablets, including the OnePlus Pad. One of their notable products is the Foluu folio case, which features a slot for the OnePlus Stylo pen. This case is particularly helpful for digital artists or individuals who frequently take notes. In addition to functioning as a standard folio case, the Foluu case also provides a secure storage space for the pen at the top.

You get all the expected features from a folio case. It’s smart, so the OnePlus Pad’s screen turns on and off when you open or close the case. The front flap folds into a kickstand, allowing you to rest your tablet on a flat surface. Foluu also claims that the material used promotes better heat dissipation. Regardless of the validity of this claim, the Foluu folio case is a great accessory for the OnePlus Pad.

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4. Poetic TurtleSkin Case

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

Poetic TurtleSkin Case

Most tablet cases come with a flap to cover the screen. Aptly dubbed folio cases, they are functional and protect the screen. That said, folio cases aren’t for everyone. If you want a rugged case without a flap, the Poetic TurtleSkin is a great option.

The TurtleSkin series of cases from Poetic offer superb protection, partially due to their thickness. While it adds protection, the case also adds bulk and weight. If you carry the tablet in your backpack, you will notice the device weighs your shoulders down with the company’s case.

The Poetic TurtleSkin protects the OnePlus Pad and dissipates heat with air pockets. It also has a kickstand for watching content. If you don’t mind the bulk, it’s a reliable case with a strong emphasis on protection.

5. OnePlus Folio Case

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

OnePlus Folio Case

Lots of users may prefer a first-party case for best compatibility. Although not the most protective, the OnePlus Folio fits the OnePlus Pad perfectly with the help of magnets. Additionally, the case is minimalistic and functional.

Unlike other cases on this list, the OnePlus Folio case attaches magnetically to the tablet. It is convenient to put on and take off compared to TPU cases but does not provide the same level of protection against dings and scuffs. The exposed edges of the case put the tablet at risk of frame damage if dropped.

If that’s a dealbreaker, check out the Foluu case. If you appreciate minimalism and are careful with your gadgets, the case’s thin form factor will work wonders for you. The folio case also acts as a kickstand, which will come in handy for watching movies on the go. Since it’s an official case, you will have to pay a slight premium but the quality is good.

6. Foluu Keyboard Case for OnePlus Pad

6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

Foluu Keyboard Case for OnePlus Pad

OnePlus has announced a magnetic keyboard attachment for the OnePlus Pad, which can transform it into a portable computer. However, the case is not the most protective option available. For a more affordable and rugged alternative, consider the Foluu case.

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Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Foluu case. It comes with a backlit keyboard that connects to the OnePlus Pad via Bluetooth. Additionally, there is a trackpad for more precise navigation. It is impressive that Foluu includes a backlit keyboard at this price range. The case also has a kickstand on the back to keep the tablet upright while typing.

For protection, you can expect the same level of safety as a folio case. The case features a TPU bumper on the sides and a flap to cover the display when not in use. Additionally, you can detach the TPU bits of the case magnetically, leaving behind just the layer of protection for the tablet.

Protect Your Tablet

These are some of the best OnePlus Pad cases available. A tablet serves as a primary source of entertainment or work for many individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid acquiring a device with a broken display. This can be accomplished by purchasing a OnePlus Pad case from the aforementioned options.

As the product is new, the case options are currently limited. Nevertheless, we will regularly revisit the list and incorporate superior choices as they become available for purchase.

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