6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

The iPhone’s battery life has significantly improved over the years. However, when you’re on a road trip or long flight, you may still need additional power for navigation or consuming content. This is where a power bank for your iPhone, also called a portable charger, comes in.

6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

A power bank can quickly charge your iPhone when the battery is low, allowing you to keep it powered even without access to a wall outlet. In the UK, there are various types of portable chargers available for iPhones, and we have selected some of the best ones for you. Choose the power bank that suits your needs.

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Want to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously? Try a dual wireless charger designed for both devices. Now, let’s move on to power banks to ensure your iPhone never runs out of battery.

1. iWALK 3,350mAh Compact Power Bank With Built-In Connector

6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

iWALK 3,350mAh Compact Power Bank With Built-In Connector

This power bank has a unique design. Unlike traditional portable chargers, it is small and has a built-in lightning port. It plugs directly into your device, making it convenient to carry. If you don’t want to carry a large charger, this is the perfect solution. The iWALK compact charger plugs in like a dock and has a 3,350mAh capacity. While it may not fully charge your iPhone, that is not its intended purpose.

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Power banks are designed to provide a quick 50% battery boost in emergency situations. However, their small size means a limited battery capacity. The only disadvantage is a loose connection that can interrupt charging when the iPhone is in use, but not when it’s idle.

6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

Bonai 5,800mAh Portable Charger for iPhone

Here’s another portable power bank with a small form factor. However, this one doesn’t attach to the iPhone directly. The Bonai power bank has a cylindrical body that’s like a AA cell. You get a USB-A to lightning cable in the box too. If you want a slightly larger capacity than the previous option and are fine with a power bank that plugs in via a cable, this portable charger from Bonai seems like a good choice. It can easily fit in your pockets without causing a bulge, thanks to its small and compact size. The battery inside is a 5,800mAh unit that can give you about 80% charge on the base and Pro models. For the Pro Max, you can expect about 55-60% juice. That is still good enough for most scenarios when you just want a quick top-up.

Sometimes, connecting the lightning cable to your iPhone in one orientation doesn’t start charging it. You have to disconnect it and connect it in the opposite orientation for the charging to begin. Keep this in mind every time you plug this power bank into your iPhone, or else you might end up with no charge even after connecting it.

You get a 2-year warranty with this product, so if you face any issues, you can always contact the brand for a resolution.

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