6 Best Portable Power Banks for Camping

6 Best Portable Power Banks for Camping

A power bank is an essential phone accessory, especially for travelers, campers, or hikers. These devices quickly charge your phone when there’s no electricity or charging port nearby. Simply use a fully charged power bank, and your phone will be back in action.

6 Best Portable Power Banks for Camping

When shopping for power banks for outdoor use, certain criteria must be considered. Firstly, they should be lightweight and portable. Secondly, they should charge your phone quickly. You don’t want to miss out on capturing great wildlife shots while your phone is plugged into these devices.

Most importantly, they should have a large capacity to charge your phone multiple times. Based on these factors, we have compiled a list of the best portable power banks for camping and other outdoor adventures.

6 Best Portable Power Banks for Camping

Aukey 30000mAh USB-C Portable Power Bank

The Aukey 30000mAh is a good choice for a power bank that offers fast charge and Quick Charge. It has a Quick Charge 3.0 output, a USB port with 2.4A output, and a USB Type-C port with 3V support that also works as the input. All of these features result in a fast charging experience.

Aukey has gained popularity in the electronics market in recent years due to its quality and build, and this device is no exception. It has received over 67% positive reviews on Amazon, with users praising its charging power and long battery life.

The actual capacity of this 30,000mAh battery is around 20,000mAh, which should be sufficient for most phones. A 5,000mAh phone can be charged fully more than three times before the power bank needs to be recharged.

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You can use this power bank to recharge devices such as Bluetooth headphones, rechargeable flashlights, and tablets. However, it has some limitations, like the lack of a proper charge indicator. The power switch flashes red, green, and white to indicate the remaining charge, but it can be confusing at times.

Additionally, due to its large capacity, it weighs around 1.3 pounds.

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