6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

The best portable label makers are a must-have for students and small business owners. These tools are versatile and can streamline your workflow. Label your notebooks, products, and food containers for quick and easy access.

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

If you’re specifically in need of a label maker or just want to have fun labeling things around your house, here are some of the top portable label makers you can buy.

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Now, let’s dive into the best portable label printers.

1. Jadens Bluetooth Label Maker

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Jadens Lable Maker Machine

The first label maker on the list is a small and affordable thermal printer from Jadens. There’s no ink involved, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink cartridges. You can choose from a handful of label templates, including borders, excel tables, labels in different languages, and fonts. Customize the labels for different objects as you deem fit. For instance, use funky colors and designs for notebooks and artwork, and a subtler font for medicines or barcodes.

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The Jadens label maker is a great addition to small businesses and home-based businesses. It can mark boxes, containers, or print small tags for shipping. The customization options are accessible through the smartphone app connected via Bluetooth. Reviews suggest that the Jadens label maker produces good-quality prints. However, some users have mentioned that the tape doesn’t stick firmly to smooth surfaces. Another drawback is the need to use the mobile app to input text onto the labels.

2. Brother P-Touch Portable Label Maker

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Brother P-Touch Portable Label Maker

Brother is well-known for its high-quality printers and has applied its expertise to create an impressive label maker. The P-Touch label maker from Brother is a compact device that offers a multitude of features, including a built-in keyboard.

Compared to the Jadens label maker, the Brother P-Touch handheld labeler stands out with its integrated keypad. This eliminates the need to rely on your smartphone for label printing.

Additionally, the device includes a display, enhancing usability. With dedicated buttons for changing font, size, style, and adding text borders, the Brother label maker offers a range of customization options. This product has received over 10,000 user ratings, with many praising its convenience.

The label maker could have had Bluetooth capabilities to print special characters or complex templates on labels.

3. Phomemo D30

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Phomemo D30

The Phomemo D30 label maker targets artists who want to print designs on labels. Like the Jadens label maker, you don’t get a keypad and instead, you use your smartphone to print labels. A major highlight of the Phomemo D30 printer is that it allows users to print labels in different colors, which is handy for color-coding objects. For example, you can label morning medicines in red and night medicines in blue. You can also print images on the labels.

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You can print pre-cut labels or continuous labels with the Phomemo D30 label maker, which is highly praised for its small size. The device is so compact that it can fit in your pocket. Overall, the Phomemo D30 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to print various types of labels.

4. Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

The Dymo LetraTag label maker is a popular choice with excellent reviews. Its diverse features, compact size, and built-in keyboard allow for instant label printing. With over 50,000 user ratings and an overall rating of 4.7, the Dymo LetraTag is highly recommended. It is similar to the Brother P-Touch label maker, offering a built-in QWERTY keypad and using thermal paper for label printing, eliminating the need for ink.

When it comes to paper, there are three types of rolls available for printing labels: standard plastic, clear, and paper. The transparent label is ideal for surfaces like glass or clear plastic where background visibility is unwanted. Clear labels on files and folders also look better than those with an opaque background. Additionally, this label printer is larger than the Brother P-Touch, but it offers greater functionality and slightly faster printing speeds according to reviews.

5. Makeid Portable Label Printer

6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Makeid Portable Label Printer

The Makeid Potable label printer combines a built-in keyboard for on-the-go label printing and Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone.

What sets the Makeid printer apart is its larger screen, making text and character editing effortless. Additionally, it allows you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to customize label designs from a variety of templates. This feature is exclusive to label makers with smartphone connectivity.

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The Makeid printer has a larger form factor compared to other portable label makers, allowing you to print slightly larger labels. Additionally, you can use the Makeid label maker to print QR codes. As a result, the label maker has received many positive reviews.

Many buyers highly praise the label printer’s features, with some considering it the only machine necessary for small business labeling. The companion app’s creative features make the device a great purchase for art students as well.

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