6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

The Pixel Watch functions as a versatile workout companion and fashion accessory. For those who intend to use it in both capacities, it is recommended to have a collection of interchangeable bands. To assist you in selecting the most suitable Pixel Watch bands in terms of style and comfort, we have compiled a comprehensive list of options available.

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

Whether you want to wear your Pixel Watch for a run or show it off at a party, we’ve compiled the best Pixel Watch bands for everyday use. Pick the ones that appeal to you most, or choose one of each band for different occasions. Before we discuss the bands, here are some other articles that may interest you: If you want to protect your Pixel Watch from scratches or dents, take a look at the best cases for the Google Pixel Watch. If you have a Pixel 7 series device, check out the best fast chargers for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro since Google doesn’t provide one in the box. Now let’s get to the best Pixel Watch straps.

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

ECSEM Stainless Steel Band

The Pixel Watch features a metallic frame, making a matching metallic strap ideal for formal gatherings or daily wear at work. ECSEM offers a stainless steel band in various colors like black, silver, gold, and rose gold, allowing you to choose a color that complements your Pixel Watch.

A stainless steel band exudes a premium and classy appearance, similar to high-end traditional watches. If you appreciate the aesthetic of mechanical timepieces on your wrist, you can achieve a similar look with this stainless steel band for your Pixel Watch. The band’s colors are also coordinated with the Pixel Watch frame, creating an accessory that seamlessly integrates with the device’s design.

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The black option suits everyone, while the rose gold variant is mostly for women. The size is standard, but a link remover is included so you can adjust the band to fit your wrist. The brand offers a 1-year warranty, allowing you to claim a replacement if the color fades or the links break.Why buy it: It’s stylish and complements formal attire.

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

Miimall Silicone Band

This Miimall band is reminiscent of the Nike sports band on Apple Watches. It’s made of silicone and has a smooth texture, perfect for sports. It’s also waterproof, so sweating during workouts or swimming won’t harm it.

The band comes in various colors, allowing you to match it with different outfits. It has breathable holes, which is ideal for exercising. You can choose between two sizes, Small and Large, to find the best fit for your wrist.

Additionally, it features a stainless steel locking clasp to keep the watch securely on your wrist. The bands have a two-tone look, with a black exterior and different colored interior.

Why buy it: This band is great for regular workouts.

3. NTidea Nylon Stretch Band

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

NTidea Nylon Stretch Band

If you ask us, this is the most comfortable all-day band for your Pixel Watch. Nylon bands are soft, comfortable, stretchy, and do not cause any irritation, even when worn for hours. So, if you’re someone who wears their watch while sleeping, this is a must-have.

Since nylon is soft, the NTidea Pixel Watch stretch band rests on your wrist and feels like you’re not wearing a smartwatch at all. It’s lightweight and doesn’t rub against your skin or cause friction. The band attaches to your wrist via velcro and stays in place.

Unlike a buckle, velcro attachment allows for a precise fit around your wrist, ensuring a comfortable experience when resting your wrist on a table for an extended period. We highly recommend this nylon band for your Pixel Watch if you type frequently.

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Additionally, it comes in multiple colors. However, if you plan to work out with it, note that the band absorbs sweat and takes time to dry.

Why buy it? This band is versatile, suitable for working out, wearing to work, or even sleeping with — perfect for all-day use.

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

Magnetic Milanese Loop

The Milanese loop gained popularity with the Apple Watch and is now available for the Pixel Watch. It comes in 4 colors and has a magnetic end. This metallic strap has closely knit strands that create a premium texture, making it suitable for formal attire.

Why buy it: It’s a premium Pixel Watch metal strap for a classy look on special occasions.

5. San Jeirie Genuine Leather Band

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

San Jeirie Genuine Leather Band

If the Milanese loop is classy, a leather band is even classier! This Pixel Watch leather band from San Jeirie comes in various colors like green, white, and red, in addition to the standard black and brown. It’s a versatile band that can be worn anywhere, except during workouts. Whether you’re going to work or meeting friends, a leather band is always in style. It provides a unique feel and can give the Pixel Watch a classic analog watch appearance when paired with the right watch face.

The band uses genuine leather and has a metallic buckle to secure it. A lighter color will allow you to see the leather patina develop over time, creating unique patterns.

Why buy it: If you want your smartwatch to have a traditional watch appearance, this is the best choice.

6 Best Pixel Watch Bands for Everyday Use

Google Woven Band

If you like stretchy, comfortable bands, here’s another option from Google. The Pixel Watch woven band is made with recycled polyester yarn and is just as comfortable to wear as the nylon band mentioned earlier. It has a similar design to Apple’s braided solo loop but comes with a stainless steel clasp to keep it secure.

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However, according to reviews, the comfort of the Google Pixel Watch woven band wears off if worn for long durations. This is mainly due to the clasp, which is unnecessary in our opinion. Google should have chosen a velcro-based solution or an elastic fit like Apple’s solo loop to keep the band secure.

The band has an attractive design, particularly in the lemongrass colorway. It’s water-resistant, making it suitable for workouts. If you prefer a stylish appearance, this band is a good choice. However, it is somewhat costly, but if you appreciate the aesthetic, it’s worth the investment!

Why buy it: It has an appealing design and is comfortable, although not for extended periods.

Match Your Watch

Wearing smartwatches daily has made them a part of our attire. Therefore, it’s important to choose a band that matches your outfit. All of these Pixel Watch bands are good, so choose the one that suits your usage best. Alternatively, you can get multiple bands for different uses and switch between them.

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