6 Best MagSafe Cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK

6 Best MagSafe Cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK

While a standard case protects your phone from scratches and dents, a magnetic case offers more functionality. You can use accessories like a MagSafe charger or power bank with your smartphone. Additionally, you can also attach a wallet if desired. To take full advantage of your iPhone’s MagSafe features, consider opting for the best iPhone 15 Pro Max MagSafe cases.

6 Best MagSafe Cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK

After purchasing the all-new iPhone 15, we understand that protection is a priority. You don’t need to compromise on the protection of the case to increase its utility. Here are the best MagSafe cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Before that, pick up a USB-C charger to charge your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Charge your phone or add a wallet attachment with MagSafe accessories. A USB travel adapter can be handy to charge all your devices while on the move.

6 Best MagSafe Cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK

JETech Magnetic Silicone Case

JETech’s case, made of high-quality silicone and polycarbonate, features built-in magnets. It offers a range of colors to suit your taste.

If you’re interested in charging, you’ll be pleased to know that the JETech case securely attaches your phone to the MagSafe charger due to its strong magnet. The silicone material also provides extra grip to prevent your MagSafe attachments from slipping.

Delving into protection, the interplay of liquid silicone and PC in the JETech case provides a comfortable grip. Additionally, the case offers shock resistance and the inner lining is covered with a soft microfiber material. As a result, your iPhone 15 Pro Max will be safeguarded from abrasions caused by the case.

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The JETech silicone case with MagSafe is significantly cheaper than Apple’s silicone case, yet still offers similar functionality. This makes it a great value proposition.

Strong magnetic force

The case also covers the camera island

What We Don’t Like

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6 Best MagSafe Cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK

ESR MagSafe Clear Case With Kickstand

If you’re looking for a clear case with MagSafe, check out ESR’s transparent case. The kickstand and military-grade protection will sway buyers to the company’s doorsteps.

Want to show off the back of your brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max? The ESR clear case highlights the chic colors of the new iPhone series. The air guards and raised lip ensure your iPhone stays safe in case of a drop.

Several cases offer a kickstand, but it may interfere with MagSafe functionality. However, ESR has found a clever workaround by integrating the kickstand around the camera module. With this, you can watch Netflix while charging your iPhone 15 Pro Max using MagSafe. The kickstand also provides extra protection for the camera lenses.

The ESR MagSafe clear case is a great choice, with one caveat. Like all clear cases, the transparent TPU sides will eventually turn yellow with use. So, consider this before making your purchase.

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What We Like

Excellent kickstand positioning and clear back to show off the phone’s color.

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