6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 series as a means to wirelessly charge the iPhone. Since then, MagSafe has grown into an ecosystem that offers mounts, holders, battery packs, and whatnot. So, we thought it would be interesting to put together a list of the best MagSafe accessories for your iPhone.

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

MagSafe offers more than just smartphone charging. Some accessories can also improve iPhone functionality. Here are some worth buying. Before that, consider these interesting articles:

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Now, onto the cooler MagSafe accessories.

1. ESR Magnetic Car Phone Holder and Charger

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

ESR Magnetic Car Phone Holder and Charger

ESR specializes in accessories for iPhones, including MagSafe products like the ESR Magnetic car phone mount. This mount not only holds the heavy iPhone 14 Pro Max securely in place but also features built-in wireless charging.

The ESR MagSafe car mount has a functional design that attaches to the car’s windshield using a suction mount. It includes a telescopic arm that allows you to extend and angle your phone according to your seating position. The mount also includes a USB-C port at the bottom for connection to a car charger (not included in the packaging).

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The magnetic strength is good, but reviews indicate that the iPhone 14 Pro Max tends to dislodge from the mount with a case on bumpy roads. Some users suggest using a silicone case for added friction when mounting the smartphone. Others note that the phone holder’s construction is flimsy and generates creaking noises.

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

Spigen Smart Fold MagFit Wallet

Apple’s MagSafe wallet is useful and aesthetically pleasing, but not very functional as it only holds up to two cards. The Spigen Smart Fold MagFit wallet, on the other hand, is a more versatile alternative that can store multiple cards and offers additional features like a kickstand.

Considering that the MagSafe wallet is always attached to the back of your phone, it makes sense to enhance its usability. That’s where the Spigen wallet shines – it can be folded at different angles, serving as a convenient kickstand. This allows you to place your phone on a table and comfortably enjoy content.

The main feature of the Smart Fold MagFit wallet is its ability to store two to three cards. The wallet comes with a flap that prevents the cards from falling off. Reviews indicate that the wallet is of premium quality. However, some users felt that the strength of the MagSafe magnets could have been improved.

3. PopSockets Grip With MagSafe

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

PopSockets Grip With MagSafe

PopSockets gained popularity for their dual functionality of enhancing grip and acting as a kickstand. However, older versions required sticking the product directly onto the phone. The introduction of the MagSafe version solves this problem by allowing it to attach to your iPhone magnetically.

By attaching the PopSocket with MagSafe, you can easily remove and reattach it as needed. This convenient feature allows you to switch between different MagSafe accessories, such as a battery pack for charging your phone. Additionally, the MagSafe compatibility enables you to attach the PopSocket to various iPhone cases.

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4. Belkin Continuity Camera Mount

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

Belkin Continuity Camera Mount

Apple recently introduced the option to use the iPhone’s camera as a webcam for the Mac. The Belkin continuity camera mount is the best way to achieve this. The mount attaches to the top of your Mac, allowing you to position your iPhone for video calls and meetings.

Mounting your iPhone on top of your Mac offers two advantages. Firstly, it positions the phone at face level, which is ideal for speaking into the camera. Secondly, you can utilize the ultra-wide camera for a top-down view of your desk, making it easy to showcase products or notes.

The Belkin Continuity Camera mount not only serves as a mount for your Mac but also functions as a kickstand and phone holder. It has been reviewed as working seamlessly, even with larger devices such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, if you use a third-party case, the added thickness and weight might be too much for the mount to accommodate. In such cases, you may need to remove your phone case before attaching it to the mount.

6 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone in the UK

Anker 621 Magnetic Battery Pack

The Anker 621 Magnetic Battery Pack is a game-changer for busy professionals and frequent travelers. It attaches effortlessly using MagSafe to wirelessly charge your iPhone while offering the convenience of a built-in kickstand.

The Anker 621 MagSafe charger battery pack is one of the best iPhone accessories available. It uses innovative technology to charge your iPhone even when you’re not near a power outlet. Simply attach it to the back of your device, and it will begin charging your iPhone.

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With a capacity of 5,000mAh, this battery pack can fully charge your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro once. For those with the larger iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro Max, it provides an impressive 70% boost to your phone’s battery life.

The battery pack is tiny and can fit easily in your pocket. It’s cheaper and sleeker than Apple’s offering. As mentioned before, it has a kickstand on the rear for watching content while charging your iPhone. The pack charges via USB-C and comes with a cable. The brand also provides a 24-month warranty with the MagSafe battery pack.

Some users have reported that the battery pack gets hot while charging, which can be uncomfortable to hold for long periods. However, this is normal for wireless chargers.

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