6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

Smartphones have made our lives easier by providing convenient access to various resources. They have replaced many devices, including music players. Now, you can enjoy music on your phone for 24 hours and even download it for free.

However, one missing aspect of the music experience on smartphones is the support for lyrics. In the past, CD covers usually contained the lyrics, but digital music lacks this feature.

Only a few Android music players support lyrics, so we decided to review the best lyrics apps for Android. Here are six options that display lyrics while playing songs on your phone.

Without delay, let’s begin.

1. Lyrics

Lyrics is a simple app that displays scrolling lyrics for the currently playing song on your device. It is a lightweight app that supports search and automatically updates the lyrics when you change the song. It is compatible with popular Android music players like Google Play Music, Rocket Player, Spotify, and Pandora. Additionally, it allows you to control music playback directly from its Now Playing Screen, eliminating the need to switch between players to pause or play music.

The app keeps track of recently viewed lyrics and offers light and dark themes. It also provides Chromecast support. The only drawback is that it’s not free, as it requires a subscription with a 14-day free trial.

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2. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

The app QuickLyric shows lyrics when you play a song. It fetches lyrics for all the songs on your device, and it has offline support. This open source app also lets you search for lyrics in more than 12 languages, including English, Russian, Japanese, and Hindi.

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

One of the coolest things about the app is that it shows lyrics in a floating window. You can check the lyrics while doing other things on your phone. Use the built-in split-screen mode of Android if you don’t like the floating window. The app supports scrolling or synchronized lyrics. It also has a bonus feature of identifying songs. If you hear a song in a cab and want to know its lyrics, just tap the Identify Lyrics button in the app. You can also use Android’s built-in song detector to identify songs on your phone. However, this app doesn’t have an inbuilt music player.

3. Genius — Song Lyrics & More

Like QuickLyric, the Genius app also lacks a built-in music player. It only displays the lyrics. However, if you manually search for the lyrics, it will also provide the accompanying song video.

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

The Genius app is compatible with most music players and provides facts and background stories about tracks. It also supports annotations, which offer more information about song lyrics. Additionally, here are some amazing facts about YouTube.

Similar to the QuickLyric app, the Genius app allows you to identify nearby music. However, downloading lyrics is not available.

4. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania offers cool features. It shows lyrics for songs played on external music players and provides artist information.

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6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

The app supports lyrics search and song detection. Additionally, it offers a bonus Postcard feature that allows you to create an image with quotes from song lyrics. You can customize the postcard to your liking and easily share it on social networks.

Moreover, the app provides various customization options. You can change the lyrics background and display settings. If available, you can also add a translation of the lyrics.

5. Lyrically – Music Lyrics

Lyrically is powered by Lyric Wikia, a collaborative fan resource where anyone can contribute lyrics. With its easy-to-read interface, Lyrically is a simple lyrics app that displays song names at the top when played on an external player. If lyrics are available, the Lyrics button will be highlighted for easy access.

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

The app doesn’t support scrolling lyrics or music identification. However, it allows you to pause, play, and forward songs. You can also share the lyrics with your friends.

6. Musixmatch – Lyrics for Your music

The Musixmatch app is a comprehensive lyrics app. It includes features from other apps and supports external music players, including YouTube. It also comes with a built-in music player that organizes your locally stored songs.

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

You can play songs directly from this app. For external players, there is a floating lyrics widget that displays lyrics on any screen. In addition to song identification, this app also provides a wealth of information. You can translate lyrics in real time and create quotes using LyricsCard in the Musixmatch app.

Enjoy Your Music

These Android lyrics apps save you from searching for song lyrics every time you listen. They allow you to fully enjoy your music and understand its meaning effortlessly. Let us know if you want more music-related posts.

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