6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Laptop bags are essential accessories for laptops like the 16-inch MacBook Pro. They must securely hold your laptop and have enough space for the charger, cables, and knick-knacks. Additionally, they should have an ergonomic design.

6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

If you are in the market for laptop bags for the 16-inch Macbook Pro, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled the best laptop bags across all price segments, starting with the most affordable option. Let’s get started! But first, check out these Mac-related posts:

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1. Amazon Basics Business Laptop Bag

6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Amazon Basics Business Laptop Bag

The Amazon Basics Business Laptop Bag is perfect if you want a cost-effective laptop bag that does its job. It’s specifically designed for the 16-inch MacBook Pro and has a central pocket for the laptop and two slide-in pockets for accessories like charging cables, flash drives, and USB-C hubs. Additionally, there’s a second storage pocket at the front for your phone, papers, and documents.

The bag is versatile, with a spacious primary pocket for a laptop and files. Despite its light weight, it can absorb impacts. The wide strap and padding prevent shoulder soreness during long commutes. Users praise the wide shoulder straps. Additionally, the Amazon Basics Laptop Bag has a durable carry handle and a popular, sturdy, and lightweight design at an affordable price.

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6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Lacdo Laptop Shoulder Bag

Another popular and affordable laptop bag to consider is the Lacdo 360-degree protection bag. It offers numerous features at an affordable price. It is well-made and has padded interiors, additional pockets, sturdy zippers, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The inner pocket securely accommodates 16-inch laptops like the MacBook Pro, which has been highlighted in several user reviews.

One standout feature is the strap at the back, allowing you to slide it onto the handle of your trolley bag. This makes navigating airports and stations easier without the added weight on your shoulders.

The bag is well-made and sturdy, especially considering the price. The double handles and straps are durable. The pockets are spacious and convenient for small items such as the MacBook charger or a notebook. It fits 16-inch laptops snugly and has an extra protective layer for travel. Additionally, it is lightweight. The Lacdo Laptop Shoulder Bag has a user rating of 4.7 out of 5 and over 8,000 ratings on Amazon.

3. tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag

6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag

The tomtoc laptop bag is not your typical shoulder bag. It has cushioned interiors, a sleek design, and ample space. The reinforced corners protect your laptop from falls, especially the screen. Plus, it’s easy to carry during travel or commutes.

The design is clever with its side zipper that allows for convenient laptop access. However, you must be cautious and always close the zipper to avoid accidents. The front pockets are spacious and perfect for organizing chargers, cables, and stationeries.

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The bag is durable and has a solid build. Unless used roughly, it should last a long time. However, it lacks a trolley strap and that means you’ll have to carry it on your shoulders when you travel.

4. Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag for Women

6 Best Laptop Bags for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag for Women

If you prefer a feminine laptop bag, check out the Mosiso tote bag. It’s stylish and comes with long carry handles, adjustable straps, and ample pockets. The metal links add an extra touch. All the bags mentioned above have non-metallic links.

Additionally, this bag has enough space for your laptop and other belongings. Take care not to overload it to avoid shoulder strain. It includes a separate compartment for laptops and a strap for securing a MacBook Pro.

The Mac fits snugly in the bag, as users have pointed out in their reviews. It’s a great-looking bag with ample room. The PU leather exterior enhances its appearance. However, it doesn’t offer much side protection, so handle with care. Alternatively, check out the tomtoc Tote Bag for Women.

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