6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

A traditional door lock may be reliable, but it’s not the most convenient option. Carrying keys at all times can be a hassle, and if forgotten, you might lock yourself out. That’s where smart door locks come in. A keypad door lock is both affordable and easy to use.

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

All you need to do is enter a preset PIN, and your door will unlock. Unlike other smart locks, digital keypad door locks are compact and some can be integrated into the handle. So, if you want a front door lock that makes entry easier, choose the best digital locks for keyless entry.

Before that, consider:

– If you’re willing to spend a bit more, a smart lock with a fingerprint scanner may be a better option.

– If you’re renting, get a smart lock for rental properties to avoid extensive carpentry.

– Use smart locks with cameras to see who’s outside your door.

1. AmazonBasics Traditional Keypad Lock

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

AmazonBasics Traditional Keypad Lock

The AmazonBasics lock has a rustic look, with a vintage feel and modern tech. It comes with two unlocking mechanisms: a traditional keyhole at the bottom and numeric buttons at the top. Users can choose between using a PIN or a conventional key.

Apart from the locking mechanism, the design of the AmazonBasics lock stands out. It is nice to look at and rather compact. It takes up very little space on your door, maintaining a minimalistic look.

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You can set up to six PIN codes to unlock your door and even set temporary one-time passcodes for guests. The AmazonBasics traditional lock is one of the most affordable yet reliable keypad locks for your front door.

What We Like

Vintage design, compact footprint.

What We Don’t Like

You can only set six PINs at a time.

2. Ironzon Fingerprint Door Lock

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

Ironzon Fingerprint Door Lock

Imagine getting a smart lock with a fingerprint scanner for the price of a regular digital lock. That’s exactly what Ironzon is offering. And if you prefer using a PIN, they also provide a keypad lock.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the Ironzon smart deadbolt’s design is impressive as well. The keypad is integrated into the handle, saving space and achieving a sleek look when installed on your door.

According to users, the keypad lock works flawlessly. However, the fingerprint scanner is a bit finicky. Sometimes, the scanner fails to recognize users’ fingerprints, requiring 3-4 attempts to unlock the door. Nonetheless, given the price, we won’t be deducting points from Ironzon’s offering. Additionally, if your fingerprint is not recognized, you can use the keypad as a reliable alternative.

What We Like

Keypad integrated into the handle. Built-in fingerprint scanner.

What We Don’t Like

Fingerprint scanners can be unreliable at times.

3. Kwikset SmartCode 955

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

Kwikset SmartCode 955

The Kwikset 955 is a stylish and reliable door lock. It’s one of the best-rated keypad locks on Amazon, with close to 4,000 reviews. Buyers concerned about security should take a second look.

The SmartCode 955 lock has a satin nickel finish that looks classy. Reviews mention that the lock is soft to the touch and feels sturdy. Since the lock will protect your home, these factors are reassuring. Kwikset offers two lock options — a keypad and a conventional key.

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You can use the keypad regularly to unlock your door. However, if you’re going out of town and want extra security, the dual-lock option requires a physical key to unlock the door, even if you enter the PIN. In comparison to the AmazonBasics lock, which can only store six PINs, the Kwikset 955 smart lock can accommodate up to 30 passcodes.

What We Like

Beautiful design

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What We Don’t Like

Button quality is subpar.

4. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Sifely’s door lock is a smart solution with multiple features. It includes a keypad, fingerprint scanner, and hidden keyhole for added security. Additionally, Sifely provides two RFID cards for contactless unlocking.

You might be tempted to choose the Sifely door lock for its feature set. The brand hasn’t compromised on reliability despite offering numerous features. Moreover, Sifely allows you to link a hub to your lock.

Using the hub, you can connect the lock to your Wi-Fi network. Once done, the lock can be controlled via Google Assistant and Alexa. Reviews mention the Sifely lock works as intended pretty much all the time. It’s reliable, sturdy — and offers excellent value for money. However, the app is iffy and can cause connectivity problems.

What We Like

Built-in fingerprint scanner

Lots of unlocking methods including RFID

What We Don’t Like

The companion app has bugs.

5. Eufy Security 5-in-1 Smart Lock

6 Best Keypad Door Locks for Seamless Entry

Eufy Security 5-in-1 Smart Lock

Like Sifely, Eufy also offers many features and options. The lock has a touchscreen keypad, a manual keyhole, and can unlock your door with your Apple Watch. However, it lacks a fingerprint scanner.

The Sifely lock is a better deal because it offers all the features of the Eufy lock and includes a fingerprint reader. However, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference. While the Eufy lock lacks a fingerprint reader, it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. This allows you to unlock your door with your Apple Watch or use AI by saying, “Hey Google, unlock my door.”

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If you’re knee-deep in Eufy’s ecosystem, including security cameras or doorbells, you can link them with the door lock for seamless integration. You can even see your guests through the camera when they ring the doorbell and conveniently unlock the door using the same app.

Most reviews for the Eufy security lock are excellent, with users praising its reliability. While one review noted a malfunction after six months, Eufy’s support promptly replaced the lock within two days, showing promising after-sales service.

What We Like

Excellent reliability.

Built-in WiFi for voice assistant support.

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