6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Apple’s iPad Air is now more powerful with the inclusion of the M1 chip, matching that of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and running on iPad OS. Despite the advancements in iPadOS and its increasingly desktop-like user experience, the UI alone cannot fully replicate a desktop.

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

You will need a keyboard or a folio cover with a trackpad for serious work on the iPad. While you can connect an external keyboard via Bluetooth, it’s not as seamless as carrying a keyboard case. A keyboard case is a great companion to house the Apple Pencil. Here are some of the best keyboard cases for the Apple iPad Air 5th Generation to increase productivity.

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Let’s move on to the cases now.

1. Gokoco Wireless Keyboard Cover

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Gokoco Wireless Keyboard Case

The Gokoco wireless keyboard case is an affordable folio case with a detachable magnetic keyboard. It can function as a regular case, and when you need to focus on work, simply attach the keyboard.

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Keyboard cases for the iPad Air are usually expensive, but the Gokoco case offers a more budget-friendly option by combining it with a detachable keyboard. Unlike Apple’s official case, this one includes a Bluetooth keyboard that easily snaps onto the case.

Binging your favorite shows on the iPad? Remove the keyboard and place it to the side. Need to edit documents on the go? Just flip open the case and snap the keyboard in place. You also get a slot to house the Apple pencil, making it a good option for a cheap keyboard case for your iPad Air 5th generation.

2. Chesona Detachable Keyboard Case

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Chesona Detachable Keyboard Case

The Chesona case is similar to the previous one with a detachable keyboard attached to a magnetic folio case. The keyboard connects through Bluetooth and the case has a slot for the Apple pencil. The Chesona keyboard case has a more understated appearance compared to the Gokoco option mentioned previously. It serves as a versatile folio case, providing protection for your iPad while traveling. Additionally, it can be converted into a kickstand to prop up the iPad for viewing content.

When working on the go, attach the keyboard to the case using magnets. The keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, providing an inexpensive option for inputting text on the iPad Air.

3. Zagg Pro Keys

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Zagg Pro Keys

If you want a proper keyboard case that’s not makeshift, the Zagg Pro Keys is your most affordable option. It’s essentially a more affordable version of Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover.

Willing to spend more on a premium keyboard? This is a good option. For just over $100, you’re getting a detachable folio case that attaches right onto the back of your iPad Air 5th generation. It attaches magnetically and is easily detachable.

There is an outer layer that protects the iPad when not using the keyboard attachment. This makes it a good accessory since Apple’s Magic Keyboard also doesn’t offer side protection for the iPad. Another advantage is that the keys are backlit, which is ideal for typing in the dark. This is the best entry-level keyboard attachment for the iPad Air 5.

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4. ESR Rebound Case

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

ESR Rebound Case

In comparison to the Zagg Pro Keys, the ESR Rebound Case is a great purchase. It adds a trackpad to the keyboard attachment at a slightly higher price, but it is definitely worth it. If you want to use your iPad as a laptop, this is a great choice.

The ESR Rebound is similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard but at a more affordable price. It has a slim back that magnetically attaches to the back of your iPad Air 5 and uses Apple’s smart connector pins to communicate.

The ESR Rebound, like the Magic Keyboard, has a trackpad beneath the keyboard for a laptop-like experience. It also extends a small flap at the bottom to replicate a wrist rest while typing, making it useful for long sessions. Considering its significantly lower cost, it is a great alternative to Apple’s expensive Magic Keyboard.

5. Logitech Folio Touch

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Logitech Folio Touch

This is one of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Air 5th Generation, even surpassing Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It offers a protective layer, a backlit keyboard, and a trackpad. The Logitech folio is available at half the price of Apple’s Magic Keyboard and offers even better protection with a bumper that covers the entire iPad. Additionally, it includes a slot for the Apple Pencil.

The backlit keyboard and trackpad replace the need for touching the screen. The case offers multiple viewing angles, including a dedicated sketch mode. The Logitech Folio Touch is an excellent choice for iPad Air users.

6. Apple Magic Keyboard

6 Best Keyboard Cases for Apple iPad Air 5th Generation

Apple Magic Keyboard

This is Apple’s default option for a keyboard case for iPad Air 5th generation. As Apple’s first-party accessory, it offers the best compatibility and an additional USB-C port to charge the keyboard and iPad.

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If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you must be familiar with Apple’s hardware and software integration. For that level of integration, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is the best option. It attaches to the iPad via the smart connector pins on the rear, and includes a backlit keyboard and a smooth trackpad with gesture support.

An extra port on the side is an additional perk of the Magic Keyboard. This USB-C port can charge both the case and the iPad. You can adjust the case angle to your preference. If you’re willing to spend almost $300, the Magic Keyboard is for you. Alternatively, the Logitech Folio Touch offers the same features with better protection.

Use Your iPad Like a Computer

Apple’s constant improvements to iPadOS have made it possible to accomplish a great deal of work with just an iPad, eliminating the need for a separate computer. Using a keyboard case can greatly simplify tasks that involve typing or browsing.

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