6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) have become popular in recent years. Thanks to affordable technology, ANC headphones are now available for under $100. However, choosing the right one can be challenging due to the overwhelming number of options available.

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

This is a blessing for travelers, commuters, or anyone with a noisy roommate. If you’re looking for affordable ANC headphones under $100, we’ve simplified your search by compiling some of the best options in this article. These headphones offer various features that make them a worthy audio companion.

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Now, let’s cut the noise.

1. Srhythm NC25

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Srhythm NC25

The Srhythm NC25 has comfortable-looking pads and packs 40mm high-resolution audio drivers. The headphone’s ANC can cancel 90% of low-frequency background noise.

It has a foldable design, making it easy to carry in your backpack. The headphone supports Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a 33-foot range. With an onboard mic, it’s suitable for online meetings and summoning Siri or Google Assistant.

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Despite the ANC, the battery life is impressive, providing 50 hours of playback time. It charges in just one-two hours using a USB Type-C port. Additionally, it weighs only 180 grams, making it lighter on your head.

2. Soundcore by Anker Q30

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Souncore by Anker Q30

Anker’s Soundcore Q30 is an excellent on-ear headphone with ANC. It offers three modes – Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport – to cancel out background noise effectively.

In addition to ANC, Soundcore Q30 also has a transparent mode for easy external sound listening. This headphone uses hybrid ANC with onboard mics for noise cancellation and passive external noise reduction. The headphones can be connected to an app for EQ control and different sound modes. They have a battery life of up to 40 hours on a single charge.

The soft leather earcups with memory foam padding ensure comfortable wear for extended periods. The headphone’s design allows for easy storage in a case for ultimate portability.

3. Philips H6506

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Philips H6506

The Philips H6506 is a set of ANC headphones with a sleek design and multi-point connectivity. Its oval earcups have built-in microphones to filter external noises.

These over-ear headphones from Philips completely cover the ears and can be easily stored or carried with their foldable design. This creates a seal around the ears, resulting in great noise cancellation. Additionally, you can simultaneously pair the headphones with two devices using multi-point connection support. For example, you can seamlessly use the headphones with both your computer and smartphone.

While offering 30 hours of playtime, you can achieve up to 25 hours with ANC enabled. Moreover, a 15-minute charge provides two hours of battery life.

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4. Philips PH805

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Philips PH805

The Philips PH805 is stylish and foldable on-the-ear headphones. It supports voice assistants activated by pressing a button. While over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable and provide better noise isolation, the Philips PH805 also has ANC and good build quality for decent isolation without completely blocking external noise. It supports Hi-Res audio for excellent music quality from services like Apple Music or Tidal. Philips promises 30 hours of playback time, which is impressive for ANC headphones.

5. Skullcandy Hesh

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

Skullcandy Hesh

The Skullcandy Hesh is an over-the-ear headphone with a comfortable design and ANC. If you’re a bass-head who wants thumping bass while listening to music, consider the Skullcandy Hesh. These headphones have ANC like all the others on this list, but what sets them apart is their foldable design that is easy to carry. Simply fold the sides to make it compact enough to fit in your backpack. While it only offers 22 hours of battery life, it has fast charging that gives you 3 hours of runtime with just a 10-minute charge. It also has an AUX port for wired use.

6. JLab Studio Pro

6 Best Headphones Under $100 With ANC

JLab Studio Pro

JLab Studio Pro headphones offer a balance of comfort and ANC features. Although the audio quality may not be the best, you get smart ANC and plush foam ear cups. These over-the-ear headphones have built-in mics that can detect noise levels and adjust noise cancellation accordingly. They also have a transparency mode for hearing external sounds while wearing the headphones.

The ear cups on these headphones have ultra-soft faux leather and cloud foam, providing exceptional comfort even during extended use. If you wear headphones all day, you’ll appreciate this feature. Additionally, the JLab Studio Pro boasts a 45-hour battery life for prolonged use.

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Keep the Noise Out

Using ANC headphones in loud environments like a flight can be helpful. Whether it’s the roar of the engines or a crying baby a few seats behind you, the Active Noise Cancellation on these headphones will ensure a calming experience.

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