6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

The Pixel 6 Pro is a new smartphone from Google that packs a punch. However, its large 6.71-inch form factor and 210g weight make it difficult to hold. To solve this problem, it is best to use a protective case or cover. This not only protects the phone from scratches and marks, but also helps absorb the impact of falls and drops. If you recently bought the Google Pixel 6 Pro in the UK, here are our top recommendations for protective cases and covers. But first, take a look at these cool accessories and wireless chargers for the Pixel 6 Pro.

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

Totill Crystal Clear Case

The Totill Crystal Clear Case is an affordable case that showcases the color of your Pixel phone. This transparent, slim, and sleek case maintains the phone’s slim profile. It has air cushions at the corners to absorb impact from falls and drops.

It fits the Pixel 6 Pro perfectly and is comfortable to hold. The cuts are accurate, allowing easy connection of charging cables.

Additionally, it is thin and allows for easy wireless charging.

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

Ringke Fusion

One major advantage of the Ringke Fusion case is its grip. This matte case has a grippy exterior, giving you superior grip on your phone. Like the one above, it’s a clear and slim case that doesn’t add much bulk.

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The case has raised lips around the curved screen to prevent accidental touches. The lips at the top and bottom are more prominent, helping protect the phone’s screen from scratches.

Aside from that, the cuts are in the right places and ports. The slightly-raised buttons give fine tactile feedback.

Another good thing about the Ringke Fusion case is the lanyard holes at the bottom. You can attach a lanyard and hang the phone around your neck when needed.

The Ringke Fusion is popular on Amazon for its durability, sturdy build, and affordable price.

3. LK Silicone TPU for Google Pixel 6 Pro Case

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

LK Silicone TPU for Google Pixel 6 Pro Case

The LK Silicon case is a good transparent case. It’s slim and withstands everyday bumps and knocks. Users have pointed out this quality in their reviews.

The case is strong and sturdy. LK cases pass around 4500+ professional drop tests. It’s not slippery, making it easy to hold your phone.

The case has nearly perfect cuts for port and camera openings. Operating the buttons is easy. The edges are slightly raised to protect the screen.

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

Caseology Vault

If you don’t like a transparent case, consider the Caseology Vault case. The Sandstone texture at the back enhances the grip and gives it a premium look. The TPU material absorbs accidental drops. Many users like the grip because of the sandstone texture, although it attracts lint and dust. Regular cleaning can solve this issue. The lips near the rear camera module reduce the camera bulge and give the Pixel 6 Pro a uniform look.

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6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

Oretech Shockproof Protective Case

The Oretech case for the Pixel 6 Pro strikes a balance between transparency and protection. The transparent PC back showcases the phone’s color, while the TPU bumpers offer grip and guard against drops.

In addition to the competitive price, Oretech also includes a screen protector with this case. The slim design complements the Pixel 6 Pro’s profile, with covered buttons that integrate seamlessly. However, some users find that this design compromises the button’s tactile feedback.

Nevertheless, this case has received numerous positive reviews for its excellent fit and sleek appearance. Users are delighted with its performance.

6. OtterBox for Google Pixel 6 Pro

6 Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases and Covers in the UK

OtterBox for Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Otterbox case for the Google Pixel 6 Pro is worth the extra cost. Otterbox cases have a reputation for being durable and well-designed. This transparent case offers Drop+ protection, which according to the company, is three times more effective than standard military drop standards.

The fit is good, and the case is comfortable to hold. However, the material is a bit rigid, making it difficult to put on and take off. This design also makes the buttons stiff to press.

Nevertheless, the case effectively protects the phone. It is more expensive than other options, but if you frequently drop your phone or are prone to accidents, this Otterbox case is a good choice.

Protective cases negate the slim form factor of modern smartphones, including the Google Pixel 6 Pro. However, they effectively shield your phone from scratches and scuff marks, while also improving grip.

For an affordable and functional case in the UK, consider the Ringke Fusion or the Caseology Vault.

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