6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

Google Maps has dominated the market, but it frequently faces issues. Additionally, there have been privacy concerns with Google’s data collection. If you want to switch, here are 6 alternative apps for Android.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

With AI and satellite imagery, modern navigation apps can monitor and report traffic, calculate bus fares, create custom routes, and more. Here are some of the top Google Maps alternatives for GPS navigation. Let’s start.

1. Waze – Best Crowdsourced Navigation App

Waze offers a unique user experience. This Android app has a refreshing interface that breaks the monotony of Google Maps. You can interact with other Wazers on your route, customize vehicle icons, and play your favorite songs within the Waze app.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

Music integration allows you to add your favorite streaming app to the Waze map screen. Waze features animated location icons on the map screen, making navigation more enjoyable. The app also considers recent incident and disruption reports when determining the best route for you.

However, Waze does not offer offline maps and lacks features such as terrain and satellite view. While it has a robust database for accident reports and pothole alerts, the crowdsourced information may be occasionally inaccurate. Additionally, you cannot set a starting point more than 3000 miles away from your current location.

Consider comparing Google Maps and Waze for more information.


– Music integration

– Animated location icons

– Utilizes incident and disruption reports for route selection.

Better accident and speed camera warnings Better recommendations for local services Music integration Easy-to-use user interface. Cons No offline mode is available Can drain the device battery faster Restrictions on moving starting point away from current location Platform Available: Web, Android, and iOS Price: Free

Citymapper has been using real-time data to plan your route using the best transport services available. You can check for nearby scheduled buses, trains, bike rentals, cab pickup locations, etc., and get an inclusive ETA from the menu options.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

Unlike Google Maps, Citymapper provides detailed step-by-step route instructions from point A to point B. It includes information on whether the route is step-free and provides details on train sections. Additionally, Citymapper allows you to check the total fare and the total number of steps for the journey.

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One drawback of Citymapper is that it is not as widely available as Google Maps, making it unavailable for certain locations. While most features are free, Citymapper offers a Club subscription to access additional features and remove ads.


– Real-time public transportation information

– Displays total route fare including rental fare

The app includes a step counter.


– The free version has ads.

– Lacks coverage in certain areas.

Platform Available:

– Web

– Android

– iOS


– Free

– Club Subscription: $3.50/month onwards

The ultimate app for offline navigation, Sygic allows you to store compact maps by area. These maps can be stored on phones with limited capacity. It calculates the fastest route using traffic data from TomTom, while also alerting you to speed traps.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

Sygic offers basic features in its free version, including offline maps, route calculation, and search. The EV mode feature allows you to manage your EV services by entering your vehicle’s details and finding designated EV routes with charging stations. However, premium+ subscribers have access to additional features like Heads-up Display and Dynamic Lane, which display navigation information on the windshield and assist with lane switching while staying within speed limits.


– Better offline map options

– Dashcam and Heads-up modes in the paid version

– EV mode in the free version

The free version is limited. The interface is not user friendly. Platform Available: Android and iOS. Price: Free; Subscription: 7 days free trial then $19.99/year.

Add your favorite places, select your starting point, and plan your routes anywhere you want, all from the home page of the MAPS.ME app. You can download offline maps and choose to travel by bus, car, bike, or cab. For short distances, walking directions are also available.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

You can download specific maps for your trips or just the map for your current trip. Trip-specific maps may be larger in size as they include information about nearby facilities and eateries. Offline maps are more reliable than Google Maps for determining your location without an active GPS connection.

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You can also customize the app by turning on power saving mode, changing the appearance and color, and adding a perspective view. However, using the MAPS.ME 3D location tracking services may cause the map to load slowly, especially if you are not starting from your current location.


– Detailed offline maps

– Better offline functionality compared to Google Maps

– Multiple transport modes for offline maps


– MAPS.ME 3D location tracking services may cause some lag in map loading

3D location services can experience lag. Moving the starting point can disrupt the services.

The HERE WeGo app may take some time to get used to because of its extensive options. It offers vehicle support options, allowing users to choose between diesel, gasoline, and electric. Users can also activate the rest areas feature to check for nearby rest areas. These options are displayed at the beginning of the journey.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

The HERE WeGo app, used by big car companies, offers excellent features like offline maps and a vast database of points of interest. Easily find restaurants, eateries, and rest areas on your route with just a tap.

While the app is free, its 3D map feature is lacking and route selection is slow. To improve this, customize your route profile by choosing between the fastest and shortest routes, and avoid highways, tunnels, and ferries if desired.

Tip: Compare Google Maps vs. HERE WeGo for more details.


– Offline maps

– Extensive points of interest database

Detailed turn-by-turn navigation

Optimize results based on vehicle fuel type

Speed limit alerts


Route suggestions can be improved

App controls can be confusing

Platform Available: Web, Android, and iOS

Price: Free

6. OsmAnd – Best App for Mapping Multiple Locations

Record, modify, reuse, and share your travel route with friends using the OsmAnd GPS app. Easily record your trip, add new route information, and edit it. You can also access previous recordings through the Tracks option.

6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android 6 Best Google Maps Alternative for Android

You can download up to 7 maps for offline use. However, you can only download up to 7 updates for these maps per month. While planning your trip, you can add flags, video notes, or voice notes for a better understanding of the route and increased visibility.

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The OsmAnd app is free, but there is also a subscription service that offers additional features like cloud storage, Android Auto support, and hourly map updates. To access these features, you need to subscribe and install the separate OsmAnd+ app.


– Offline map and trip recording features

– Option to add flags along the trip route

– Supports audio/video notes

Cons: None provided.

Android Auto support is not available in the free version. The user interface can be confusing.

Platform Available: Android and iOS

Price: Free; One-Time Subscription: $24.99

1. Can I still access my saved Google Maps places on alternative apps?

No, saved places data is different for each app and cannot be synced. However, because Waze uses certain Google services, it might be able to retrieve your previously saved places when you sign in with the same Google account on both apps.

2. Can I use these apps without location services?

No, most navigation apps require location services to determine your position. However, if you’re using offline maps or have a different starting position, you might still be able to use some apps without location services.

Best Way to Get Around

Constant innovation in technology means that apps are always introducing new features to one-up each other. This article aims to help you find new and innovative alternatives to Google Maps. If you have any other app recommendations, please let us know in the comments below!

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