6 Best Gaming Headsets Under £100 in the UK

6 Best Gaming Headsets Under £100 in the UK

A gaming headset can greatly enhance your gaming experience, alongside a good PC and monitor. Whether you need to hear the enemy’s footsteps or communicate with your teammates, a good headset gives you a competitive edge. Below, we have listed the best gaming headsets for under £100 in the UK.

These gaming headsets not only offer high-quality sound, but they also come with a built-in microphone, making them suitable for video calls as well.

Now, let’s dive into the budget gaming headphones available for purchase in the UK. But first, a couple of things to consider:

– Are you building a gaming setup? Consider investing in a budget 144Hz gaming monitor.

– If gaming on the go is your thing, check out our recommendations for the best RTX gaming laptops under £1,000.

Complete your gaming setup with a wireless mechanical keyboard.

1. Turtle Beach Recon 50X

6 Best Gaming Headsets Under £100 in the UK

Turtle Beach Recon 50X

As a casual gamer, you don’t need to spend a lot on a gaming headset. The Turtle Beach Recon 50X offers good audio quality and a comfortable design for extended use. The removable built-in mic is a nice feature, especially if you also use the headset for listening to music.

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X is easily recognizable as a gaming headset with its gamer-y accents. It also includes an in-line audio controller attached to the cable for easy muting and unmuting of the mic during gaming.

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Thanks to their low price and good audio quality, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X has received almost 100,000 reviews on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4.4 stars. Most reviews mention that the Recon 50X is a great value-for-money gaming headset. Although the audio output distorts slightly at max volume, the overall sound output is acceptable.

Introducing a budget-friendly option: the removable mic.

The removable mic is an affordable feature that offers convenience and versatility. With this accessory, you can easily attach or detach the microphone as needed.

This innovative design allows you to use the headset for different purposes without having a permanent microphone attached. Whether you are gaming, streaming, or making calls, the removable mic ensures clear and accurate sound transmission.

Additionally, the removable mic offers easy storage and portability. You can simply detach the microphone and store it safely when not in use. This feature saves space and protects the mic from potential damage.

In summary, the removable mic is a cost-effective solution that provides flexibility and convenience. With its affordable price and practicality, it is a great choice for those seeking a versatile headset option.

What We Don’t Like

Distortion at maximum volume.

2. Ozeino Stereo Gaming Headset

6 Best Gaming Headsets Under £100 in the UK

Ozeino Stereo Gaming Headset

If you’re a fan of gaming headphones with an edgy design, you’ll love Ozeino’s Stereo Gaming headset. The headset adds a gaming flair to your setup and features RGB on the sides for extra pizazz. In addition to the 3.5mm connector, the Ozeino headphones also have a USB-A connector. When you plug them into your PC, the LEDs light up instantly. Unlike Turtle Beach’s headphones, the adjustable sliders on the Ozeino Stereo Gaming headset are made of steel instead of plastic.

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While the Ozeino headphones have nice improvements, they lack a removable mic. The mic is always attached, which can be mildly annoying. However, some reviews mention that the sound quality is good, and the headphones are comfortable to wear.

RGB lighting has become a popular feature in many electronic and gaming devices. It adds a vibrant and visually appealing element to products, enhancing the overall user experience. In addition to aesthetics, RGB lighting also serves a functional purpose by providing customizable lighting options. Users can choose different colors and patterns to create a personalized atmosphere.

Another important feature to consider is the steel sliders for adjustment. These sliders allow users to fine-tune their experience by adjusting things like volume, brightness, or color intensity. The use of steel material ensures durability and longevity, providing a satisfying tactile feedback.

Overall, the incorporation of RGB lighting and steel sliders in electronic devices greatly enhances their appeal and functionality. These features elevate the user experience and contribute to the overall satisfaction of the product.

Fixed mic.

3. Razer Kraken

6 Best Gaming Headsets Under £100 in the UK

Razer Kraken

Razer is a popular gaming brand known for its high-quality Kraken headset. The Kraken is a simple and comfortable option for those who prefer a minimalist design. It is praised as one of the best budget headsets for gaming due to its comfortable cushioning and cooling gel technology that prevents heat build-up during long gaming sessions.

The Razer Kraken headset, like the Ozeino headset, doesn’t come with a removable mic. However, it does have a lightweight and durable aluminum frame. The mic quality is also impressive, allowing you to communicate clearly with your teammates and lead them to victory.

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Excellent Cushioning – Aluminum Frame

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