6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

A monitor stand saves space on your work desk and adjusts the screen’s levels for better posture. It makes your desk more ergonomic and convenient, allowing you to adjust the monitor’s height. Free-standing single monitor stands are great if you don’t want to drill a hole in your wall or have limited space behind your desk.

Free-standing monitor stands function like normal stands and offer advantages like height adjustment, tilt, and rotation. They attach to the monitor through the VESA holes at the back.

Installing these monitor stands is easy with the right tools and can be done alone.

If you want the best posture while working, here are the best free-standing single monitor stands to buy. But before that, protect the monitor from snooping eyes with privacy filters and manage the cable mess with cable management accessories for desks.

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

TAVR Single Monitor Stand

The TAVR monitor stand offers great features for its price. It has a stylish metal and glass construction that allows you to easily tilt, rotate, and adjust the height of your monitor.

The range of motion is impressive. You can adjust the height from 12.5 to 18.4 inches. The base is solid and equipped with non-skid feet to prevent slipping.

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An added advantage of this stand is its easy installation. Many users have remarked on how quickly it assembles. Adjusting the arm is also simple.

2. VIVO Single Monitor Desk Stand (V001HW)

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

VIVO Single Monitor Desk Stand

How does the idea of a white monitor stand sound? Check out the one by Vivo. This monitor stand has a stylish V-shape base and takes up minimal space. It offers features like height adjustment, tilt, rotate, and swivel, allowing you to easily position the monitor at eye level.

It also includes a cable clamp to route power and HDMI cables, keeping your desk tidy.

The range of motions is good for the price. The +/- 15-degree tilt allows for adjustment based on your sitting position.

Assembling the monitor stand is easy and pain-free. The base and central pole are strong enough to hold lightweight monitors without tipping. However, adjusting the height will require some work.

That said, it’s a decent buy for the price. If your work desk has a white theme, this VIVO monitor stand will fit right in.

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

Amazon Basics Free-Standing Desk

The Amazon Basics free-standing single monitor stand’s highlight is its height adjustment feature. The central pole is spring-loaded, eliminating the need for tightening screws. It also has a sharp look and will likely fit well on your work desk.

Compared to the other monitor stands, the central pole and base of this one are slightly larger. If you have a small desk, this is something to consider.

On the upside, it supports essential features like tilt, swivel, and rotate. You can easily rotate it to portrait mode for small monitors. Some users have tested this with a 27-inch monitor, and it held the weight and position without issue.

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The Amazon Basics monitor stand has received positive feedback for its solid build, range of motions, and easy installation.

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

WALI Free Standing Desk Stand (MF001-W)

The Wali free-standing stand is similar to the TAVR stand with a white exterior and a V-shaped base. However, it surpasses its competitor in tilt range, allowing you to tilt the monitor up to an impressive 45 degrees. This feature is beneficial in reducing glare or adjusting the monitor height for better work viewing. Additionally, the central pole allows for an 18-inch height adjustment. The only downside is that the height adjustment is not spring-loaded, requiring manual tightening or loosening of screws.

Lastly, it’s affordable and won’t break your budget. It works as promised, and if you’re okay with the long base and slightly heavy package, it’s a good purchase.

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

Hemudu Free-standing Monitor Arm

If you have an ultrawide monitor or a curved screen, check out the Hemudu free-standing monitor arm. It can hold monitors up to 43-inch and 77 lbs. Some users could mount their 29-inch and 34-inch ultrawide monitors easily, while providing ample height adjustment.

This monitor arm also supports portrait orientation, allowing users to mount their 27-inch monitors vertically.

It is easy to assemble and has a stylish glass base. Consider measuring your desk dimensions before making a purchase.

6. VIVO Premium Monitor Desk Stand

6 Best Free-Standing Single Monitor Stands

VIVO Premium Monitor Desk Stand

The Vivo Premium free-standing single monitor is slightly more expensive than the ones above. It offers a pneumatic spring arm for easy height adjustments without the need for screws. The Vivo premium monitor desk stand allows for a height range of 3 to 12 inches. It also offers tilt adjustments up to +/- 90 degrees, 360-degree rotation, and 80-degree swivel. This allows you to show the screen content to others. The stand is well-made and durable.

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It’s a sturdy and well-made single monitor stand, and if you want a flexible desk stand, it’s a good buy.

Free-standing single monitor stands offer a middle ground between clamp-based monitor arms and wall-mounted stands. The Amazon Basics Free-Standing Desk provides the best of both worlds, while the Vivo Single Monitor Desk Stand is a cost-effective alternative.

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