6 Best Ethernet Adapters for Google Chromecast

6 Best Ethernet Adapters for Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a top streaming device that transforms your TV into a smart unit. It provides access to countless apps and a wide range of sports, entertainment, and PPV events, allowing you to ditch cable TV in style. Although Chromecast has Wi-Fi, using an Ethernet adapter is the most reliable option. Here are the best adapters for your Chromecast.

6 Best Ethernet Adapters for Google Chromecast

Many have encountered issues with Google TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. Instead of troubleshooting network problems, you can use an Ethernet adapter and ditch the wireless connection. Below is a list of both micro-USB and USB-C Ethernet adapters. Check device compatibility before making a purchase.

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1. Huesapan Ethernet Adapter

6 Best Ethernet Adapters for Google Chromecast

Huesapan Ethernet Adapter

If you have an old Chromecast model, it may have a micro-USB port instead of USB-C. You need an Ethernet adapter with micro-USB connectivity, and Huesapan is an affordable option.

Huesapan’s Ethernet adapter works with Google Chromecast and also with other streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku. If you plan to upgrade to one of these rival devices, it should work fine.

The USB 2.0 interface supports speeds up to 100Mbps, sufficient for streaming 4K video without buffering. It is a plug-and-play solution, requiring no additional software installation. However, compatibility should be verified, as it is not compatible with devices like Roku and PlayStation 4.

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