6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung seems to have hit the bull’s eye with Galaxy Z Flip 4. Aside from hardware improvements like a better hinge and longer battery life, the latest foldable is available in various colors. You can even customize the look of the phone with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke edition, which offers more color styles. To show off your Galaxy Z Flip 4, consider getting a clear case. Below, we have curated a list of the best transparent cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

When choosing a clear case, don’t be swayed by manufacturers’ claims about the absence of a yellow effect. Over time, all clear cases will eventually develop a yellow tint. With that in mind, take a look at our carefully selected clear cases to find one that suits your new Flip 4.

Let’s dive in.

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1. Bkrtondsy

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Bkrtondsy Clear Case

Bkrtondsy is the most affordable clear case for Flip 4. The company uses a soft black TPU frame and high-quality acrylic back panel.

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While it’s not the best-looking option, Bkrtondsy is worth considering due to its low price. The case offers 12 FT military-grade drop protection, with a new soft TPU material that won’t yellow over time. It has 2.5 mm raised bezels around the camera and 1.2 mm raised protection over the screen to prevent scratches. If you’re on a tight budget, Bktonsdsy is a no-brainer choice.

2. ZX Zenixy

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Zenixy Clear Case

Do you want to carry your Flip 4 in style? Zenixy clear case comes with a dedicated ring to easily carry it.

ZX Zenixy is made of hard plastic with excellent transparency to show off your favorite Flip 4 color. The case is 0.5 mm higher around the display and has 1 mm raised protection around the camera module on the back. It keeps your Flip 4 camera and the display scratch-free when you keep it on the table or in your bag. ZX Zenixy has precise holes for the microphone, speaker, power button, and volume buttons. Be careful when you take Flip 4 for a spin. The ring provides a firm grip and prevents it from tossing around while you fold it.

3. Restone Clear Case for Flip 4

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Restone Clear Case

Restone lacks the grip found in Bkrtondsy or a specific ring, but it offers a functional and user-friendly solution. Some may not prefer the hard plastic of ZX Zenixy, but Restone provides a more protective and grippable design with its flexible TPU and polycarbonate hybrid construction. It also supports wireless charging and provides comprehensive shock absorption. However, due to its TPU composition, the case may develop a yellowish tint sooner than anticipated.

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4. Vego

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Vego Transparent Case

Vego, a well-known case manufacturer, offers a transparent case for the 2022 Flip 4. It’s crystal-clear, resists the yellow effect better than others, and is made of premium materials to justify the price tag.

Vego uses high-grade TPU and PC material with an antioxidant layer to prevent the yellow effect over time. It’s easy to clean, grip, and offers decent corner protection without getting oily. The Vego clear case is compatible with wireless charging and has a metal joint design at the folding section for better stability. You can choose from three color options – Black, Purple, and clear.

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Spigen Transparent Case

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases are incomplete without Spigen. As a part of Samsung’s official case manufacturing program, Spigen has been designing cases for all of the company’s offerings for many years. Spigen offers all-around protection and includes a dedicated ring for convenience. Made from a mixture of PC and TPU, the case is highly durable, with a rubberized hinge cover for comfort and raised edges for display and camera protection. The Spigen clear case for Flip 4 is also compatible with wireless charging and PowerShare, allowing you to charge your accessories on the go.

6. Samsung Clear Case

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Transparent Case

Did you purchase Galaxy Z Flip 4 from Samsung’s official website? You may receive reward points for buying additional accessories. These points can be used to purchase the official clear case.

The official Samsung case provides standard protection. It is made of a durable material that is easy to hold and prevents accidental drops. However, Samsung cases are not known to resist the yellow effect. The clear case may develop a yellow tint faster compared to other options. If you want to keep your case looking new for a long time, consider Vego or Spigen cases. Despite this, the official Samsung case offers a perfect fit and superior finishing compared to the other cases on the list.

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Show off Your Galaxy Z Flip 4 to the World

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes in fun colors. Instead of a rugged case, go with a transparent one to protect your foldable in style. Which one did you pick? Share your preference in the comments.

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