6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air is an excellent travel laptop due to its portability. You can take it with you anywhere and utilize it in your car. Whether you choose to work from your vehicle or are commuting, charging your MacBook inside the car would be convenient.

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

If you have a long commute, charging your laptop on the way can save you time and keep it juiced up. While charging your phone in the car is normal, charging a MacBook Air requires higher power. So, we’ve gathered the best car chargers for your MacBook Air in one place. But before we get to them, check these out –

  • Grab one of the best multi-port USB chargers if you travel frequently.
  • Since many new phones don’t come with a charger, look at some of the best fast-charging adapters.
  • Pick up a short lightning cable for Apple CarPlay to clear the clutter in your car.

Now, let’s get to the products.

1. Ainope USB-C Charger

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Ainope USB-C Charger

This car charger has a small exterior, so it won’t take up much space in your car. It features a metallic chassis and two ports – a USB-C port to charge your MacBook Air and a USB-A port to charge a smartphone.

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The Aniope charger is well-built and a budget-friendly option for those who need a car charger that can also charge the MacBook Air. The USB-C port can deliver a maximum output of 30W, which should be sufficient to charge the MacBook Air, albeit slowly.

Simultaneously, you can use the USB-A port, which can deliver a maximum output of 18W and is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. This charger is a good choice if you want to charge your MacBook Air and an Android phone at the same time.

2. Velogk Superfast Charger

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Velogk Superfast Charger

If 30W power output isn’t enough, Velogk offers a charger that can output up to 55W via the USB-C port, justifying its superfast status. This charger charges your MacBook Air faster and supports USB-PD charging for smartphones. The secondary port is an 18W USB-A port, allowing you to charge your MacBook Air and a QC 3.0 compatible phone simultaneously without any issues.

3. Spigen 45W Charger

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Spigen 45W Charger

Unlike other options, the Spigen car charger has two USB-C ports, providing a bonus. Additionally, the charger boasts Spigen’s brand value, well-known in the smartphone accessories space. The primary USB-C port can output 45W, sufficient for charging a MacBook Air while driving. Moreover, a secondary USB-C port outputs 20W, allowing for fast-charging of iPhones or any Android phone supporting fast-charging via the USB PD protocol. This is an ideal accessory for simultaneously charging a MacBook Air and iPhone, as iPhones require a USB-C port for quick charging.

4. Anker 50W Charger

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Anker 50W Charger

Anker is a well-known brand for chargers and accessories. This 50W car charger has two USB-C ports. The 50W output is split between the top port, which outputs at 30W and can charge your MacBook Air, and the bottom port, which can charge another device at 20W.

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The Anker 50W car charger is a good choice if you want a charger from a reputable brand with a long history of making chargers. Although the 30W output from the primary USB-C port may seem lower compared to cheaper car chargers with up to 45W output.

Anker’s chargers have a long industry history, providing worry-free charging. The secondary USB-C port outputs at 20W, charging your iPhone quickly. It can also charge any Android phone.

5. Superfast 120W Charger

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

Superfast 120W Charger

This car charger is the fastest on the list and likely the fastest overall. It has a superfast 120W output, with the primary port reaching up to 100W, and the secondary and tertiary ports reaching up to 30W and 18W, respectively.

If you’re planning to camp out in your car and need to charge multiple devices, this is the charger for you. It can output up to 120W at once, which is impressive considering its compact size. The primary USB-C port can charge your MacBook Air and even a 16-inch MacBook Pro while you drive.

The secondary USB-C port can output 30W, enough to charge your smartphone. You can also use it to charge another MacBook Air, as the charger can output 120W simultaneously. The bottom port is a USB-A port that supports up to 18W for QC 3.0. This is the ultimate car charger.

6. PWR+ Charger Cum Cable

6 Best Car Chargers for Apple Macbook Air

PWR+ Charger Cum Cable

All the chargers mentioned in this list are standalone car chargers that can charge multiple devices like your MacBook and phone. This charger from PWR+ is a USB-C PD adapter specifically designed to charge laptops in your car.

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Are you looking for a dedicated power adapter to charge your MacBook in the car? Your search ends here. This charger from PWR+ consists of a power adapter that supplies up to 90W of power to easily charge your MacBook Air. It can also be used for more powerful laptops like the MacBook Pro and Windows laptops from Acer, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

While this adapter is slightly expensive, the advantage is that you get a built-in USB-C cable. This way, you won’t have to plug in the charger separately and get a USB-C cable to charge your MacBook in the car. The downside is that there are no additional ports to charge your smartphone or a different device.

Get Your Work Done on the Go

A car charger for your MacBook Air ensures that you won’t run out of battery while you’re on the go. Simply plug it in and you’ll get a full charge.

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