6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

With our busy lifestyles, monitoring our health can be challenging. Fortunately, technology makes it possible. Tracking your calories allows you to monitor your intake and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. This can be accomplished with the best calorie counter apps for Android.

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

There are numerous calorie apps available, so our criteria for selection are as follows: the app must be free and capable of calculating calories. It should be regularly updated and receive positive ratings from users. Moreover, excellent customer support is highly desirable. Now, let’s explore the top calorie trackers.

1. MyFitnessPal – Simple Calorie Tracker

When looking for a free calorie counter app, a huge library of food items is favorable. MyFitnessPal is the perfect choice. It allows you to track calories and shows the recommended intake. The interface is simple, with the homescreen displaying your daily calorie consumption. The app also calculates remaining calories and calories burned through exercise. You can easily add food items thanks to the extensive database of over 11 million foods.

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

Users can download recipes or create custom foods and dishes. The favorite feature makes logging convenient. MyFitnessPal has a barcode scanner for packaged food nutrition. The pie chart tracks calories with the option to add notes or record feelings. However, syncing issues between Google Fit and the app affected the calorie counter.


– Huge food information library

– Barcode scanner

– Guided fitness with premium plan


– Data sync with third-party fitness apps may not work properly

Price: Subscription plans start at $2.99

2. Lifesum – Premium Calorie Tracker

If you want a premium and aesthetic food tracker app, check out Lifesum. Like other top calorie counter apps, Lifesum allows you to track calories and macros. It also provides a rating on the healthiness of your food. Along with calorie tracking, you can monitor water intake and input body and exercise data to adjust daily goals. The app has a beautiful interface where you can easily view your calorie intake.

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6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

Lifesum offers manual input and barcode scanning for adding information. These features are accessible for free. The premium plan includes recipes based on your diet, deeper insights on calorie intake, and educational content on improving your lifestyle. The premium plan is more expensive than the competition.


– Premium and aesthetic UI

– Water intake tracker

– Ability to sync exercise data


– Premium plan may be expensive

Price: Subscription plans start from $3.75

3. FatSecret – Track Calories With Community

Some might find the app’s name offensive, but it’s still worth checking out. The free version includes a food diary, nutrition database, recipes, exercise log, weight chart, journal, and barcode scanner for estimating packaged food calories.

When you open the app, you’ll see your calorie intake and breakdown of carbs, protein, and fat. The monthly summary view shows total calories consumed each day and monthly averages, which is great for staying motivated and tracking progress.

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

Despite meeting the requirements to be a free calorie counter app, FatSecret stands out by allowing users to connect with the community and share stories or recipes. Additionally, users can participate in dietary challenges. However, while the app claims to be 100% free, certain features like a custom meal plan and a water intake tracker require a premium subscription, which can be misleading.


– Free version offers many features

– Ability to interact with people worldwide

– Includes a barcode scanner


– App is not completely free as advertised

– UI could be improved

Price: Subscription plans start at $6.99.

4. MyNetDiary – Calorie Counter for Young People

MyNetDiary offers a simple interface. Setting up the app is similar to other calorie counter apps. You will start a free account by adding your personal information, including height, weight, and target weight. You can also choose how much weight you want to lose weekly. You can start tracking calories. The app offers a tutorial for those new to calorie tracking, which we find useful. Logging your data, such as food, water intake, and exercise, is easy.

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6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

It might not have many regional or local dishes, but you can easily add custom dishes. There is also a barcode scanner for interested users. MyNetDiary also comes with a food scoring system that grades your food. It shows you all the consumed nutrients separately.

Apart from the usual meal planners and diet plans found in other premium calorie trackers, MyNetDiary offers blood pressure and cholesterol tracking. If you are interested in this feature, the Premium plan might be worth it. For others, it might be expensive.


– Joyful Interface

– Food-scoring system

– Ability to track blood pressure and cholesterol


– Expensive premium plans

Price: Subscription plans start at $5.00.

5. Lose It! – Calories and Fasting Tracker

MyNetDiary appeared more casual, but Lose It is more serious. The setup process can be lengthy, causing some to lose motivation to track calories. However, if you proceed and add all necessary details, you will be delighted.

During setup, we discovered an option to choose a relaxation day. This is a valuable feature for planning and scheduling. Lose It also includes intermittent fasting, which is lacking in other calorie counter apps. The diet plan is well-designed.

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

Intermittent fasting and other plans require a premium subscription. The homescreen displays essential information, such as your calorie intake and nutrient consumption. The app includes a comprehensive food database and a barcode scanner for packaged foods. Lose It also offers Challenges for participating in or creating dietary challenges.


– Professional UI

– Includes intermittent fasting

– Challenges can be created or participated in


– Initial setup is lengthy

Price: Subscription plans start at $4.99.

6. YAZIO Food & Calorie Counter – Huge Database for Food Items

YAZIO has a lengthy setup process that we found unnecessary. It begins by requesting personal information and later confirms our knowledge of calorie tracking methods. However, the calorie counter is a valuable feature. The built-in barcode scanner is also advantageous.

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Users can customize calorie goals if desired, enhancing the app by including physical activities. Additionally, the app provides various fasting plans and a substantial food database based in the US. However, locating specific food items outside of this region may be challenging.

6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android

Furthermore, YAZIO Pro offers more recipes and syncs data from Apple Health and other apps. However, the price may be too high for some users.


– Extensive US food database

– Includes barcode scanner

– Syncs with third-party apps


– Expensive premium plan

– Lengthy setup process

Price: Subscription plans start at $6.99.

Keep Track of Your Calories

The best calorie counter apps for Android allow you to track your calories easily. We offer a variety of apps for you to choose from. Please leave a comment with your suggestions or queries.

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